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The goal of the Catalyst Athletics Affiliation Program is to allow affiliate facilities to distinguish themselves in the market and allow clients and athletes to know they will be provided with quality weightlifting coaching in line with the Catalyst Athletics philosophy and methodology. Affiliates can be relied on by athletes to provide quality weightlifting coaching, equipment, and programs or facility access.

Affiliates are listed on this website; have access to the private affiliate forum to discuss training, programming and business with other Catalyst Athletics affiliates; have priority for seminar/certification registration; and may train with the Catalyst Athletics weightlifting team periodically. Affiliation is $1000 annually.

  • All staff coaching in the gym's weightlifting program must be Catalyst Athletics certified
  • Gym must offer dedicated Olympic weightlifting training in line with Catalyst Athletics philosophy and methodology
  • Gym must provide adequate training times in the schedule to allow full-time weightlifting training
  • Gym must have enough lifting platforms, IWF-spec men's & women's barbells, bumper plates, and squat racks to accommodate the number of lifters regularly training
  • Gym may not be affiliated with any conflicting organization; Catalyst Athletics must be the exclusive weightlifting affiliation. (Note: There is no restriction on non-weightlifting affiliations, such as CrossFit, OPEX and similar)
Gyms will not be approved within close enough proximity of each other to create conflict among affiliates (actual distance will depend on the location).

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Please fill out the following information and submit to apply for your gym affiliation.

Facility Information

Facility Name

Facility Address

Facility Phone

Facility Email

Facility Website

Facilty Owner Information

Legal Business Name

Owner Name

Owner Phone

Owner Email

Applicant Information

Applicant Name

Applicant Phone

Applicant Email

Catalyst Athletics Certified Coach(es)

Please list each coach and their certification date

Facility Overview

Please briefly describe your facility: how much space and the amount and type of weightlifting equipment

Business Overview

Please describe your gym business in terms of your service offerings, how long you have been in business, your general philosophy, and any other services/products provided by this business.

Weightlifting Coaches

Please tell us about the coaches who will be in charge of the weightlifting program in your facility including their qualifications and experience.

Weightlifting Program

Please describe your facility's weightlifting services: classes, team training, private instruction, open gym access, etc.

Additional Notes

Please add any additional notes you would like to include.

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Premier Affiliate Gyms

Altamonte CrossFit
Daniel Camargo
Altamonte Springs, FL

Catalyst Athletics
Greg Everett
Sunnyvale, CA

Red Rocks CrossFit
Paul Fleschler
Colorado Springs, CO

Takano Athletics
Bob Takano
Woodland Hills, CA

The Sports Palace
Jim Schmitz
South San Francisco, CA

Thrush Sports Performance Center
John Thrush
Kent, WA

Waxman's Gym
Sean Waxman
Lawndale, CA

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