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The 1,000 Rep Problem, Matt Foreman
The 1,000 Rep Problem
Matt Foreman  |  August 19 2013  |  Olympic Weightlifting
I need to use a hypothetical situation (and a hypothetical conversation) to get to the point of this post. So visualize this with me… The situation is a workout where I’m coaching a beginner/intermediate lifter I’ve been working with for a while. The athlete is getting ready to start doing some snatches. Lifter: “Coach, my snatch technique is almost right. I can feel it. I know we’ve been trying to get my form locked in, and I can tell I’m just about th......
Your Tribe, Mike Gray
Your Tribe
Mike Gray  |  August 8 2013  |  Olympic Weightlifting
Tribe defined by Merriam Webster: A group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest. I remember vividly my first few months of weightlifting. I have lifted weights in some style since high school, but had never dabbled in Olympic lifting. On a deployment one of the guys I would lift with told me I should give it a try so I got home, bought some bumpers and quickly realized that teaching myself wasn’t going to work. Fortunately for me, I lived about 20 minutes from Co......
Why Strippers Would Be Good Weightlifters, Matt Foreman
Why Strippers Would Be Good Weightlifters
Matt Foreman  |  August 5 2013  |  Olympic Weightlifting
Do you like it when people look at you? Seriously, answer the question. It’s pretty simple, brothers and sisters. When you know people are watching you, do you enjoy it? Or does it make you all uncomfortable and squirmy? Think about some famous people from your favorite genre of music. If you’re into R&B dance stuff, we’re talking about Beyoncé, Usher, etc. If you like old-school rock (like I do), think of guys like Axl Rose or Ozzy Osbourne. Country fans? I do......
Weightlifting Technique - With Evidence, Matt Foreman
Weightlifting Technique - With Evidence
Matt Foreman  |  July 22 2013  |  Olympic Weightlifting
Look at the pictures you see to the right (click to enlarge). Go ahead, look at them for a minute. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, they’re awesome. You know what’s even more awesome? We’re going to learn a very, very important lesson about weightlifting from them. First, let’s lay down a few facts about what we’re looking at. #1- The pictures were taken at the 2013 European Weightlifting Championships. They were provided courtesy of hookgrip, which is a websit......
Snatches And Love, Matt Foreman
Snatches And Love
Matt Foreman  |  July 8 2013  |  Olympic Weightlifting
I went to the Catalyst Athletics forum recently and checked it out. Nine of the first eleven topics I saw were directly related to snatching. So it’s the snatch, huh? That’s what many of you are obsessing about these days? Jeez, how surprising. I just can’t believe this lift is causing you frustration and grief. Obvious sarcasm there, because it makes total sense. You’re all weightlifters, you want to master the Olympic lifts, and the snatch is one of them. When I ......
Teasing and Weightlifting ( Not What You Think ), Matt Foreman
Teasing and Weightlifting ( Not What You Think )
Matt Foreman  |  June 24 2013  |  Olympic Weightlifting
When I was in the eighth grade, one of the hottest girls in school used to flirt with me all the time. It didn’t make any sense to me because I was fat, I wore the same Motley Crue t-shirt almost every day, I got bad grades, all the teachers hated me, and I got in trouble for cussing in class a lot. I wasn’t exactly the prize pony of my junior high. But there was this girl… You know the girl I’m talking about, right? You had one in your school too. She was the pretti......
The Last Two Meets I've Lifted In, Matt Foreman
The Last Two Meets I've Lifted In
Matt Foreman  |  June 10 2013  |  Olympic Weightlifting
I’ve lifted in two meets over the last four weeks. Normally I would never compete twice in such a short time span, but I’m getting knee surgery in July and I wanted to have as much fun as possible before I’m out of commission for a while. Both of them went really well, and I lifted the biggest weights I’ve hit since I turned forty. The first one was the IronFest on May 4th, held in Chandler, AZ at East Valley CrossFit. The meet director was August Schmidt, who is the o......
To Everybody Who's Training For Something, Matt Foreman
To Everybody Who's Training For Something
Matt Foreman  |  May 27 2013  |  Olympic Weightlifting
About a year ago, there was a sad news story here in Arizona. One of the top high school football coaches in the state died from cancer. He was in his forties and the disease took him quickly. I think there were only six or seven months between the time he was diagnosed and when he passed away. You want to know how he discovered the cancer? He had some pain in his elbow. He thought he banged it up while he was playing with his kids on vacation, but the pain didn’t go away so he decided to ......
The Relation of Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Squat Weights, Greg Everett
The Relation of Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Squat Weights
Greg Everett  |  May 22 2013  |  Olympic Weightlifting
How much should I snatch and clean & jerk if I back squat this much? This is a question I get a lot, and there isn't a simple, formulaic answer. Put simply, it depends on your own strengths and weaknesses. I have seen enormous ranges even just in my own gym, let alone outside of it. You will have bigger classic lifts relative to your squat if you are: 1. Explosive 2. Technically proficient 3. Experienced in weightlifting 4. Naturally athletic (i.e. coordinated, good at motor ski......
Rookies, Experts, and Pimps, Matt Foreman
Rookies, Experts, and Pimps
Matt Foreman  |  May 14 2013  |  Olympic Weightlifting
Those of you who read Performance Menu (i.e., the cool crowd) got a nice treat a few months ago when we published an interview with Christine Girard, the little Canadian weightlifting tornado who won the Olympic bronze medal in London. She gave us terrific answers to the questions we asked, stuff that provokes some hardcore pondering. One of the things that caught my attention was Christine’s discussion of how she trains. She’s been lifting for seventeen years now, and she’......
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Cooking for Health & Performance Volume 2 [E-Book]
Cooking for Health & Performance Volume 2 [E-Book]
Bones of Iron: Collected Articles on the Life of the Strength Athlete
Bones of Iron: Collected Articles on the Life of the Strength Athlete
Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches
Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches
Olympic Weightlifting for Sports
Olympic Weightlifting for Sports
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