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Terminology: Exercise Demo Videos - Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting

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Double Knee Bend - Terminology - Exercise demo videos Double Knee Bend

AKA Scoop The temporary cessation of extension and forward movement of the knees during the final explosive extension of the snatch or clean....
Hang - Terminology - Exercise demo videos Hang

Hang refers to a starting position for a lift with the bar above floor level, e.g. Hang Clean. At what height a hang lift is started needs to specified, such as mid-thigh, knee or below the knee....
Hook Grip - Terminology - Exercise demo videos Hook Grip

The hook grip is used in the pull of the snatch and clean for a more secure grip. The thumb is first wrapped around the bar, and then the fingers. The first and second fingers grab the thumb to pull i...
Power - Terminology - Exercise demo videos Power

In the context of an exercise name (e.g. power snatch), power refers to a receiving position above a parallel squat: the athlete must receive the bar and stop any downward movement before passing belo...
Technique Primer - Terminology - Exercise demo videos Technique Primer

Coined by Greg Everett in Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches. This is an exercise peformed before a primary exercise to practice and reinforce certain technique po...
Warm-up Couplet - Terminology - Exercise demo videos Warm-up Couplet

Termed coined by Greg Everett to describe the use of a technique-reinforcing exercise with a primary exercise in a complex during the warm-up for that primary exercise. Examples would be muscle snatch...

Displaying 1 — 6 of 6

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Olympic Weightlifting: A DVD Guide to Learning & Teaching the Olympic Lifts
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The Kono Project DVD - Women
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Dumbbell Moves DVD - Vol 2
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The Kono Project DVD - Men & Women
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