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  1. Does this sound like a bad idea to you too?
  2. Kefir
  3. Another good reason to go with grass-fed
  4. Sugar Addiction
  5. Fast Food vs Clean Eatin'!
  6. IF for mass gains?
  7. MVP, IF, and low blood volume
  8. asv questions
  9. High fructose foods??
  10. IF and Endurance Efforts?
  11. Veggies
  12. Six weeks in!
  13. article on basal metabolic rate and fasting
  14. High iron levels...
  15. Glucose may affect more pregnancies
  16. Fast-5 versus The Warrior Diet
  17. huge meals during IF and insulin
  18. Therapeutic Uses of Nicotine
  19. Paleo Diet = Small Brain.
  20. Garlic Scapes
  21. Experience with Ramadan-like IF?
  22. "Diets don't work for fat loss"
  23. after a fast, trouble eating regular?
  24. Appetite for construction
  25. Smokers
  26. Testing IF
  27. An IF blog
  28. Is it about zero food or about low food intake?
  29. flank steak pesto roll-ups
  30. Probiotics
  31. IF 24 on/24 off and V-diet
  32. Prescription Antibiotics
  33. Blenders
  34. Quality vs. IF: Opinions?
  35. IF Beginner
  36. Another IF Beginner
  37. Backwards IF
  38. Less Insulin in Brain = Long Life
  39. Some Questions on Weight Gain
  40. Minimum amount of carbs?
  41. put down the diet soda
  42. Natural Sweeteners other than Stevia
  43. increase fat intake
  44. Study says combination of exercise and caffeine can fight skin cancers
  45. Blood chemistry and the zone
  46. Gassed 3/4 of the way through workout
  47. probiotics, prebiotics, etc
  48. Paleo Poo and You
  49. Cool Study, Pro Keto
  50. Farmers Market
  51. Break-fast timing and workout timing
  52. Study: Food in McDonald's wrapper tastes better to kids
  53. Brown Sugar substitute
  54. Just started the zone
  55. Bone Marrow
  56. Iron Loss When Donating Plasma?
  57. white spots on nails
  58. Alan Aragon's IF article
  59. High stomach acidity
  60. What exactly is Intermittent Fasting?
  61. Low Carb and IF Transition
  62. IF, Lifting + Cardio.
  63. Nutrition Advice for Chemo patient
  64. Abdominal lypolysis in fasting subjects
  65. The effects of underfeeding on whole-body carbohydrate partitioning, thermogenesis..
  66. diverticulosis help
  67. Supplementing/Replacing the MRE
  68. Supplementing/Replacing the MRE
  69. The truth about Detox Diets
  70. A bad mood inducing meal?
  71. red light is lights out friendly?
  72. Plastic containers and Estrogen!
  73. My experience with IF, and a few questions
  74. V-Diet and IF Transition
  75. The IF Life?
  76. The 100% cacao challenge
  77. Modern Forager
  78. Pastured Chicken = Expensive!
  79. IF causing muscle atrophy
  80. Report from a long-term IF-er
  81. My Introduction
  82. Ethan's Intermittent Fasting Journal
  83. Plastic, estrogen, and tender nipples
  84. Protein digestion max per meal/time frame-Any comments appreciated
  85. IF protein requirements
  86. Storing Coffee
  87. Small eating window mistakes
  88. Link Between Cholesterol And Heart Disease Explained
  89. IF Start and Question
  90. Gum
  91. cons of the regular IF
  92. Qustion about IF and V-diet
  93. Home made Walnut Butter-10 minutes
  94. How's the weather
  95. Eat Less to live longer
  96. Cholesterol Question
  97. Fitday, the Zone and IF
  98. Issues with allergens
  99. what's the deal with eggs
  100. Intro to IF and a glance at Paleo
  101. Ending the Fast
  102. Cheat on the Need to Sleep?
  103. High carb/ Low fat is good for you!
  104. Planting a Fruit Tree
  105. Coconut Oil
  106. Help me IF
  107. Introduction, and my experience with IF and Paleo
  108. Scientists May Have Found Appendix's Purpose
  109. Monavie
  110. Poll Question: Hours Fasting
  111. IF and Type I Diabetes
  112. Leg Cramps at night
  113. sugar and all its nasty cousins
  114. Occasional IF and Rest Days
  115. Eating soya could slash men's sperm coun
  116. Stay Healthy, Stay out of hospitals...
  117. Non-dairy creamer
  118. mice lacking the insulin receptor substrate (IRS)-1 are more resistant to ageing
  119. How bad is canned food?
  120. Major and increasing cause of sickness--must read
  121. Herschel Walker and IF
  122. Food Restriction Increases Dopamine Receptor Levels
  123. Enzyme therapy
  124. coffee (creamers)
  125. Anthony Colpo and criticism of Eades and Taubes
  126. The truth of long-term WD-type fasting
  127. readjusting blocks after weight loss?
  128. Nightshades!
  129. flouride contamination?
  130. The Ultimate Paleo/Low Carb Power Bar
  131. IF and ZMA
  132. Interesting article
  133. Eating enough in my feed window
  134. Beer as PWO drink?
  135. i can't believe its vegan!
  136. anybody got student-friendly resources?
  137. IF and Type 2 diabetes
  138. chicken broth blocks?
  139. How often do you eat for a 5 hour feed window?
  140. Starting the Zone
  141. Leucine While Fasting
  142. Podcast: Good Calories, Bad Calories
  143. "Retune the Body with a Partial Fast"
  144. IF Books
  145. Another Study "Shoots Down" The Idea of Eating 6 Small Meals Per Day
  146. Anti-supersize me
  147. Cultured Veggies Question
  148. omega 3 not just non essential, actually harmful
  149. The Whole Chicken
  150. New Anti-Aging Drug from Red wine?
  151. The Ultimate Omega-3 Diet
  152. Energy Production?
  153. Intro / Critique my IF plan and goals
  154. Elite Zoners: Athlete's Zone?
  155. IF and muscle loss experiences
  156. Anyone Eating TOO Much On IF?
  157. Starbucks mugs, acrylamide in coffee
  158. Healthy water weight
  159. Gilbert's Syndrome & IF
  160. The Quality of Calories: What Makes Us Fat and Why Nobody Seems to Care
  161. Raw eggs. Safe?
  162. Wow.. Bodybuilding.com
  163. Help Needed with IF Routine
  164. Stock up on wild salmon!
  165. Health Nose Nexus
  166. IF with random workout times
  167. Do "Fast-5" type WOEs take the "I" out of IF?
  168. Maternal intermittent fasting before/during pregnancy
  169. Protective effect of intermittent fasting on gamma-irradiated mice
  170. Cardioprotection by Intermittent Fasting in Rats
  171. slow cooker recipes
  172. characteristics of a sound physician
  173. Growth Hormones on IF
  174. My Understanding of IF
  175. Free Range Jerky?
  176. Combining Paleo and Zone
  177. Good Calories, Bad Calories
  178. Question re peppers for Garrett Smith
  179. Finally feeling it
  180. removing fluoride from drinking water
  181. Good Pregnant Eating Habits?
  182. Dry and Cracked Skin
  183. whey
  184. PWO and Muscle Glycogen
  185. Intermittent fasting can lead to diabetes???
  186. Children and Food Allergies
  187. How to live forever
  188. A good reason to make your IF actually be intermittent
  189. Paleo Moutaineering Experience
  190. IF vs cortisol
  191. A question from another fourn that I figure guys on here could answer
  192. flavoring homemade shakes
  193. fatworld
  194. This will annoy you all
  195. Hair loss and narcisism!
  196. Methylglyoxal and ketosis
  197. Intermittent fasting and cognitive function
  198. Anabolic Burst of Cycling Diet and Exercise
  199. No time to cook?
  200. What,exactly,is going on?
  201. number of meals during the feeding window
  202. induvidual calorie needs
  203. Cholesterol write-up by Mark's Daily Apple
  204. Do sugar-free fiber supplements break the fast?
  205. Cold climates and fresh foods
  206. Calculating zone values
  207. Not very diet sensitive??
  208. Diet composition and gene expression
  209. Michael Pollan on ChangeThis.com
  210. latest obesity statistics
  211. Monster Appetite
  212. Koreans and Cancer
  213. Hydroponic Vegetables
  214. Definitive Guide to Fats by Marks Daily Apple
  215. Alcohol and Insulin Response
  216. Two questions...
  217. Another great trip to the farm
  218. Travel, Nutrition and High Elevation
  219. Meat - a compromise.
  220. Halitosis
  221. o-6 in olive oil
  222. Basic IF question
  223. Too much fruit?
  224. Meds on IF
  225. Food-real or fake
  226. water vs. herbal tea for proper hydration
  227. Green beans
  228. "The Black Box"
  229. Not all protein blocks are equal...
  230. A Valid Use for Colonics
  231. Physical Euphoria
  232. Beginning IF overview
  233. Food cravings and nutrient deficiencies
  234. IF book coming out?
  235. .. a year into IF
  236. healthy mayonaise brands
  237. Thoughts on this Product
  238. Eades post on IF....ruh roh....
  239. block count of olive oil
  240. fat and protein blocks in eggs
  241. Kombucha?
  242. Raw Goats Milk
  243. Great NYT article on grains
  244. Thoughts on Wok cooking will be appreciated.
  245. Rob help, fasting glucose question
  246. Way Easier than the Zone
  247. How Frequency Of Meals May Affect Health
  248. EOD Fasting
  249. Peppers- "strongly anti-inflammatory"
  250. Overweight people eat fat before workout?