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Paul Kayley
05-19-2007, 03:41 AM
I am currently trying to learn some more about this area. Can you add to the lists below, nutrition, exercise, supplements, others?

Natural Growth Hormone Enhancement

Human growth hormone (HGH, somatotropin) is the most potent anti-aging and fat-burning hormone in the human body. The association between fatness and growth hormone is very strong, and mutually causative, and thus unfavourably reinforcing. Unfortunately growth hormone declines with advancing age in every animal species that has been tested to date. So as we age it is important to do all that is possible to enhance our endogenous production.

Growth Hormone Suppressors

Elevated blood sugar levels, when awake and asleep
Alcohol, including the nocturnal growth hormone when consumed at night
Elevated cortisol
Protein deficient diet

Growth Hormone Boosters

Deep and peaceful sleep, especially the first 4 hours
Daytime 25 minute nap
Intense exercise lasting 20-50 minutes, another argument in favour of increased frequency versus duration
Enhancing testosterone levels directly increases HGH
Elevated plasma amino acids

Robb Wolf
05-19-2007, 08:02 AM
You covered it pretty thoroughly. Fasting does appear to enhance the endocrine response to exercise.

Mike ODonnell
05-19-2007, 08:57 AM
Keep your insulin and blood sugar low when you go to bed, as you get around 75% of your GH during the first few hours of sleep. If insulin is high, GH is compromised and lessened. That and there are some thoughts that the later you go to bed after like 10:30pm, the less output you will get...hence if I can get to bed by 10:30 I feel great on like 6-7 hours of sleep...if I stay up till 1-2am, I could sleep for 10 hours and still feel like crap the next day.

Short intense exercise too is the key....whether sprint intervals or heavy compount movements.

Just more reason to keep insulin low, get your sleep, eat plenty of protein, workout short but intense, recover, and lead a stress free life....the body takes care of itself at that point.