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Michael Hill
05-26-2007, 02:00 PM
If I wanted to use something like Poliquin's table for the suggested PWO CHO intake how would I factor in 400m/300m sprints into the formula?

I know this may be overcomplicating things, but as far as work/rest differences go the 400m sprints would be done as part of conventional WOD's and the 300m sprints would have 2 min rest periods (I sub 7x300m for the 5 & 10k WOD's whenever they come up). I'm back to doing an ME BB verison of CF w/ triples/singles on the middle day and a short hike (45-60 min) on off days

My idea is to use the table modified for the sprints as a PWO CHO guide (coming from sweet potatoes and/or berries) and then eat as much veggies as I can stand for my remaining meals w/zone levels of PRO and fat. I ran the numbers on this using sample WOD's and it seems to average out to about 70%-75% of zone proportions this way, which I think would be sufficient to support intensity given that I basically have 48Hrs between metabolic work.

Thanks for any advice

Pierre Auge
05-26-2007, 08:14 PM
you're going to give yourself an anurism. I just had one reading that!

What is the goal? Seriously from what I can tell your activity level is not high enough to warrant going outside of zone proportions.

Seriously just eat more blocks, if you are at your target LBM than add 1 litre of olive oil per week to your diet! It's not really any more complicated than that. If you aren't lactose intolerant than drink some whole milk PWO. If you are lactose intolerant eat something else. Keep it simple.

Robb Wolf
05-28-2007, 01:00 PM
Not enough coffee again amigo?...the question was a good one.
I think you are right on with the 70-80% post WO carb allocation. You may even go lower than that (50%). I would put hard 400's and 300's as "very" glycogen depleting. tough to quantify beyond that. I think a Zone level of blocks is a great place to start and then allocating anywhere from 50-80% of carb block to the post WO window. Works great. If you need to delete any carb blocks for the day due to timing just add 3 fat blocks for each deleted carb block.

Michael Hill
05-28-2007, 04:58 PM

Actually this is an attempt to simply not complicate my life. Perhaps I was a little unclear.


Thanks for the info. This question came after reading your article in the PM. I figured it would be tough to quantify intervals given that there are so many variables, so I'll just have to experiment a little.

As far as the 70-75% figure I put goes, I was actually referring to the overall carb levels this method would produce in relation to the zone. In other words, by using the table as a PWO guide for the activity level I indicated and only eating vegetables (nothing high carb like winter squash or anything) for all other meals, my average total daily carb intake would equal about 70-75% of the perscribed zone intake.

I am trying to keep things simple while losing weight at the same time. I am coming off a period (about 9 months) of concentrating on gaining strength and want to lean out. I became very accustomed to eating A LOT as it was easier during this period, but soon realized that my perception of portion size is no longer realistic. I decided to try the zone for a dose of percision, but it drove me freaking nuts.

So to get to the point, I thought perhaps using this table would ensure I get just enough carbs to support my activity (I never did all that well on 100% zone carbs when I first did it a couple years ago) w/o having to worry about measuring carbs outside of this one meal. I've tried to eat only vegetables and a little fruit before, but I always seem to under shoot this way, although this is perhaps due to a fructose/glucose liver/muscle glycogen difference as a result of carb type. But anyway, other than this just use zone proportions to measure PRO and Fat at first until I get an idea of portion sizes again, especially fat as that is really easy for me to over do.