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Greg Davis
06-09-2007, 03:32 AM
So I think my experience with IF has been working out for me so far. Its been about 6 months since I've consistently been incorporating fasting. Last few times I went out biking with carb-loading buddies who bike a lot more than I do (and used to whoop my ass), I've been the best rider, especially when it comes to all out sprinting. My weight is on the low end of my spectrum but I don't really mind other than people keep telling me I'm looking "skinnier" (in a negative way) than I used to. But now that I can do 5-6 muscle ups in a row I can handle that! I think my frame is just not meant to carry as much muscle mass as someone like De Vany despite his emphasis on lean body mass %.

At this point I threw out the idea of trying to have any sort of regular schedule (ie. 2 days on, one off, etc. etc.) and just keep things totally random. One thing I am wondering about at this point is if there might be benefits to strictly staying away from food combinations such as eating nuts or fruit anytime close to meat+veggie meals. It seems to be me that paleo dudes would probably be eating these totally seperate- and I mean more than just a few hours in between as touted by most food combining advice. I might even start keeping just a few servings of fruit in the mid morning and some nuts in the afternoon (eating these only a few times a week anyway) to totally different days. On days when I really need to get some kcals in stick to just meat+veggie+fat meals. I find if I just stick to meat+veggie+fat on most of my days I have better digestion.

I notice De Vany doesn't seem to mind mixing fruit in with his meals and I don't think I've read him mentioning much snacking. He did post at some point that he likes nuts and nut butters.

One the biggest lessons I've learned is the whole warrior diet, binge approach does NOT work for me. This has the same effect on my body as a big load of carbs would (ie. cravings- probably a sign of major insulin release). So for me I have to just forget about maintaining any particular weight and stop myself after one plate of food.

As always appreciate hearing feedback from others who are trying out similar approaches!

Garrett Smith
06-09-2007, 06:51 AM
Sounds like you're doing great and it's working for you.

I get the "skinny" comments from those who knew me in college, when I was a smooth 20# more than I am now. I really believe that the healthy human physique tends to be on what we consider the skinny/muscular side. Although, I did have someone say the other day that I looked like I had put on some muscle (either they're more perceptive than the others, or they last remember me from my triathlon/vegetarian days).

The Warrior/binge approach did not work for me either.

I just wanted to say that I think you're doing a great job assimilating all the information and making it work for you. Kudos.

Greg Davis
06-09-2007, 10:14 AM
Thanks Garrett I think I've taken more than a few cues from you- I think we should spend more of our health care dollars (canada-public health care) on having guys like you and Robb post on these boards!

Sounds like you lost a similar amt of weight as I did. When I first starting thinking about nutrition I went straight to the how to gain weight mentality and I was pretty buff at one time weighing up around 190 (I'm 6'0). Its funny that people were always asking me what they should eat, how they should workout, etc. but now that I've been doing the whole low-carb/paleo thing and lost weight (I'm at about 160-165 lbs) people if anything are just like "dude you used to be bigger".. so its hard not to flip back and forth from goals of mass gain to health. But I think for when it comes to performance in the sports I'm in to I don't benefit from holding extra weight. It might make people EXPECT me to be stronger but thats not really right. Looking back since last summer I've lost about 10 pounds but there are things I now do which I could never before do such as a muscle up (couldn't even do one; now I can do 5-6 in a row) or snatch bodyweight. You just have to thrive off of suprising people wherever you train!

Garrett Smith
06-09-2007, 11:56 AM
Not concerning myself with "being big" has saved me so much mental energy from not thinking about food. When I was interested in doing a natural BBing competition (I even went as far as having several sessions with a posing coach, an IFBB judge), my (now) wife told me at one point that all I ever seemed to talk about was "getting bigger". That made me sick to my stomach to actually hear what a narcissist I had become. That was also the day I quit BBing, only to swing to the other side and become the skinny triathlete vegetarian.

I find it humorous when people think I'm smaller than before (when I'm in clothes), only to ask me what I'm eating and doing for exercise after they see me with my shirt off.

I can't remember who it was, there was an old quote by some bodybuilder from the golden years of BBing that was something like, "people shouldn't know you're a bodybuilder with anything more than a short sleeve shirt on". I like that idea.

The less unused/useless mass that one's heart has to support, the better, I say.

Tony Ferous
06-09-2007, 09:12 PM
Perhaps the 'issue' with combining fruit with other foods is the fact that modern varieties of fruit are so high in sugar, perhaps wild berries are not a problem? Even the usual cultivated blueberries are very high in sugar compared to the wild varieties.

Robb Wolf
06-10-2007, 07:57 AM
Sounds like you are kicking ass. I think the food combining approach lends itself perfectly to IF. Some notice a difference with it, some do not. If I did not have a sick fascination with maintaining my CF metcon numbers I'd ditch even the fruit and just run with veggies for carbs. I've not done intermittent fasting and low carb as long as Scotty so I may be blocking some adaptations. Might give that a run this fall.

I think you are onto something with the sugary fruit observation.