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Greg Everett
10-23-2006, 01:57 PM
Good quick justification of PWO protein/carb shot.

Dietary supplements affect the anabolic hormones after weight-training exercise

R. M. Chandler, H. K. Byrne, J. G. Patterson and J. L. Ivy
Department of Kinesiology, University of Texas at Austin 78712.
To examine the effect of carbohydrate and/or protein supplements on the hormonal state of the body after weight-training exercise, nine experienced male weight lifters were given water (Control) or an isocaloric carbohydrate (CHO; 1.5 g/kg body wt), protein (PRO; 1.38 g/kg body wt), or carbohydrate-protein (CHO/PRO; 1.06 g carbohydrate/kg body wt and 0.41 g protein/kg) supplement immediately and 2 h after a standardized weight-training workout. Venous blood samples were drawn before and immediately after exercise and during 8 h of recovery. Exercise induced elevations in lactate, glucose, testosterone, and growth hormone. CHO and CHO/PRO stimulated higher insulin concentrations than PRO and Control. CHO/PRO led to an increase in growth hormone 6 h postexercise that was greater than PRO and Control. Supplements had no effect on insulin-like growth factor I but caused a significant decline in testosterone. The decline in testosterone, however, was not associated with a decline in luteinizing hormone, suggesting an increased clearance of testosterone after supplementation. The results suggest that nutritive supplements after weight-training exercise can produce a hormonal environment during recovery that may be favorable to muscle growth by stimulating insulin and growth hormone elevations.

Sam Lepore
10-23-2006, 03:56 PM
Thanks Greg.

So taking a workout Drink after a workout is the way to go. Correct?

Greg Everett
10-23-2006, 04:26 PM
Yes--in my opinion. Some (like our very own Robb Wolf) don't like the idea of intentionally elevating insulin like that, but that's definitely a health concern, not a performance concern. Exclusivly in terms of performance, I think it's hard to argue with the efficacy of a post-workout protein/carb mix. In terms of health, it's probably not the best thing.

Neal Winkler
10-30-2006, 01:41 PM
One would think that carbs would down regulate growth hormone like Art Devany claims because it's supposed to be turned off when blood glucose is elevated, but for some reason it doesn't. Carb ingestion during revovery still turns off the expression of metabolic genes like UCP3, PDK4, and LPL though.

Robb Wolf
10-31-2006, 01:07 PM
This may be an order of magnitude issue as well. I've not had great success DRINKING a PWO meal but partitioning most of my day’s carbs in the form of food has not affected leanness but does seem to help recovery. Like Greg points out however, this MAY be a point in which ones approach to PWO nutrition should emulate specific goals as they relate to Performance, Health and Longevity.