View Full Version : Take your Vit C if you exercise alot

Mike ODonnell
07-02-2007, 08:15 PM
Exercise alot? Well then this study on a marathon runner will be of interest...


Doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Center had a mystery on their hands. A 51-year-old physician colleague who looked the picture of health—no cardiovascular risks, a marathon runner who had exercised vigorously each day for 30 years—had just flunked a calcium screening scan of his heart.

The researchers conclude that the physician’s intense, long-term exercise regime, coupled with a predisposition toward a type of hypertension, contributed to his cardiovascular disease. "In this particular individual, we think that oxidative stress was an important contributor,"

the patient was given vitamins C and E just before exercise and was tested again for endothelial response. These vitamins are known as antioxidants and may protect cells from free radical damage. This time, the test revealed a partial reversal of the blood vessel constriction after one hour, and normalization after two hours.

"As he took the vitamin C and vitamin E, you could see improvements in his brachial arteries," says Dr. Miller. "We recommended that the patient take these vitamins before he runs."

Garrett Smith
07-03-2007, 05:51 AM
Isn't "oxidative stress" just another word for marathoning? Running in the city--pollution + increased oxidation = bad news for the CV system.

Predisposition towards a certain type of hypertension: I'd say so, I don't know too many endurance athletes that are even close to sufficient in minerals (too dang much sweating, along with the same needs as the antioxidants he/they are deficient in).