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Jamila Bey
07-12-2007, 03:56 PM
Please help me not lie to my darling hubby-

Some idiot ran a red light and hit me a few days ago. I'm not physically sore anymore, but my doc put me on 10 days worth of muscle relaxers and ibuprofen. I do have a mild concussion though and a persistent minor headache.

The cabin fever and bedrest are making me pretty crazy, so I came to the gym with the promise that I wouldn't lift (heavy).

So I've kept my C&J and snatches to only 100 pounds. Hubby's ticked and says "take it easy" means no lifting.

Of course, this dispute happened after doc's office is closed and I need to figure out what to say to him. I feel better after lifting now, but has anyone got something that backs up my position? A concussion shouldn't mean I can't lift anything- right?

Dave Van Skike
07-12-2007, 04:43 PM
muscle relaxers and lifting......Hmmmm

say it to yourself outloud..Muscle Relaxers/Weightlifting.....

One more time......

Side effect of concussions (trust me,I've had lots) loss of focus, dizzyness, proprioceptive disruptions, sudden loss of visual accuity, weakness in extremities, loss of fine motor control....

say these outloud..

then say weightlifting.......

Mike ODonnell
07-12-2007, 05:05 PM
Cabin fever for 10 days is better than a lifetime of living with a f'd up head.....rest....taken from someone who has had their share of concussions...something about a swelled brain...increasing blood flow...more pressure on a bruised organ that you may want to keep for the years to come....

Joe Hart
07-12-2007, 05:11 PM
Drag the hubby to the rack and rastle for 10 days. That ought to shut him up

Dan Silver
07-12-2007, 09:58 PM
What could possibly go wrong?


Jamila Bey
07-13-2007, 04:00 AM

Perhaps this is the confusion that my doc mentioned could happen.

So, I'll just take it easy. I'll be at a spa week with my girlfriends next week, so I'll just make a point of getting a massage everyday and not exerting myself.

Thanks folks.

Who knew- husbands can be right on occasion?!?!?

Allen Yeh
07-13-2007, 04:02 AM
Who knew- husbands can be right on occasion?!?!?


Steve Shafley
07-13-2007, 06:47 AM
One of the things some bodybuilders do to enhance recovery is to take muscle relaxers AFTER a hardcore session.

I don't know if this works or not.

Robb Wolf
07-14-2007, 08:18 AM
What could possibly go wrong?


Zactly...calm the hell down sister. Walking only for like a week.

Greg Everett
07-14-2007, 05:03 PM
suck it up. i don't trauma from trouble brain have any lasting

Jamila Bey
07-15-2007, 12:42 AM
Okay okay....

I'm away spa-ing this entire week and football is over for the season. We just lost in the 1st round of playoffs... our first defeat this year. :(

So when I get back from my week of mud and massage-filled bliss and relaxation, I'm doing the V Diet for another round. I've kept myself at 200# for D-Line (yay steak!) and I'm really expecting to see some dramatic results from the dietary switch.

So I'm in relaxation mode and I'll really be ready to hit it hard when I get back!

But not my head again!