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Daniel Lykins
08-27-2007, 04:54 PM
http://www.adpartnership.net/DarkAdapted/index.html (sfw)

was re-reading lights out and saw the suggestion of wearing rose colored glasses when watching movies after dark, and got the idea of covering my computer monitor with a red filter... some googling led to this, a program (free, for macs or pcs) which is meant for those in the astronomy field who need to preserve their night vision (modifies your color settings on your monitor to only use red.. or any other gamma setting one may desire). i plan on trying it tonight and see how it feels.

also, ive used the white light version of this booklight for a long time. me and my girlfriend have always been fighting over it so i looked online to buy another, and lo and behold they have a red light one (once again, for "sailors" and "others who need to preserve their night vision" as they look at something like a map... i hope they're not offended if i use mine to read harry potter in my bed far, far from the sea). others may find it interesting:


Robert Allison
08-28-2007, 12:48 PM
Interesting... I'm going to download Dark Adapted on my home computer this evening and play around with it.

Thanks for posting that info.

Daniel Lykins
08-28-2007, 03:39 PM
used it last night. darkadapted worked great on my iMac, very easy, no quality loss. in the progress i also had the idea to reduce the overall brightness of the screen, which worked great too. on the pc, not so much (a sony laptop, windows xp, with a dell external lcd monitor). i suspect part of the ease was due to imac's integrated operating system/hardware/monitor, i realized in fooling with it that monitors typically(and mine did) have their own independent color settings that would need to be adjusted. i didn't think to try it with just the laptop screen, but that would probably help. after messing with the monitor coloration i did get better results using darkadapted, though i can't say the picture adjusted to all red anywhere near as cleanly as on the mac.

as far as the effects, i felt myself getting pretty tired much earlier than normal (im normally on the computer until about 1230, in bed at 130, and read for a bit) and wound up dragging myself straight to bed at 9. i had shut off all the lights in the house and closed the curtains at sunset. maybe it was all psychological, though.

Tony Ferous
08-29-2007, 06:54 PM
Thanks, i'll give the dark adapted a go too, ive always avoided the laptop in the evening, it does keep me awake.

Had to hunt to refind this thread though, whats it got to do with nutrition?!! ;-)