View Full Version : paleo/gym/bjj Shopping list - San Fran

Tony Ferous
09-25-2007, 01:14 AM
I posted this under 'community', might get more feedback here..

I live out in the wilds of Sydney, but im off the US(San Fran) soon for 2 weeks, i figure i should take advantage of the ultimate consumer society and great AU/USA exchange rates to satisfy my paleo/gym/bjj appetite!!

My shopping list so far:
Nike Frees(3) or maybe other five finger weird arse 'shoes';
Sigg ceramic water bottle(for coffee!);
Set of rings(god know where ill manage to use these..);
Random nutritional supplements - ZMA, mirconized creatine, whatever else the aussie customs nazis will allow me to carry back;

Any tips on shops i can pick these up a good prices in San Fran?
Ive been to whole earth and trader joes, both very paleo friendly.

Thanks as always!