View Full Version : Low Back Pain/Leg length

Justin Fricke
10-03-2007, 03:15 PM
I have an issue with my low back.. A few years ago i was diagnosed with a Buldging Disc(L5-S1) and pubis osteitis havent been having problems with it for a while...I also have a hip tilt causing by right leg to apear shorter by 1/2 inch. I am not sure as to if it is caused by my hip tilt or if my hip tilt is caused by my leg length descrepincy..The pain use to really be sharp when i played football and it would shoot down my sciatic nerve causeing sever discomfort and pain...has any one ever delt with these symptons and problems and what did you do to help eliminate or resolve the problem...should i see a Dr. again to get a check up...