View Full Version : flouride contamination?

Daniel Lykins
11-05-2007, 12:23 PM
saw this link:

complaining about the perils of flouride in our water and everything else. the benefits of properly filtered water has been said here countless times (if not for flouride for chlorine, or something else) and i believe i've seen one or two mentions about toothpaste (i switched to some weird herbal toothpaste eight months ago that has four herb sounding ingredients and looks quite a bit like poop -- i've never had a mouth ulcer since after spending most of my adult life with one poking around in my mouth at any one time) but this faq/website encompasses a lot more.

one thing that worried me specifiically was the mention of limiting tea. anyone else have a take on this? i love tea, wouldnt want to give it up, and have been trying to work it in to almost completely replace water a la garret's reccomendations

Mike ODonnell
11-05-2007, 04:50 PM
I really dont know how much flouride one is really going to get from drinking tap water especially in 6oz cup of tea?....but if you want to be safe, spend your money on a shower filter as you absorb more water/contaminants from a shower than drinking tap water all day long. (Chlorine too). Also switch to flouride free toothpaste...although good luck finding a flavor that doesnt suck....good thing Trader Joes has a 100% return policy!

Garrett Smith
11-06-2007, 05:37 AM
I believe the fluoride issue is mainly with green tea. I use very little green tea personally. I'd suggest reducing your general intake of green tea (and make it organic) if you are concerned.

Those who are deficient in iodine (and who have an insufficient intake, see nearly all Americans and those on "western" diets) are more susceptible to accumulating fluoride in the tissues, as iodine and fluorine can share the same binding spots (as will all the halogens, including bromine and chlorine). That's why I take my iodine every day.