View Full Version : New Anti-Aging Drug from Red wine?

Mike ODonnell
11-29-2007, 08:56 AM
Mice and rats given three of the molecules responded like those in other experiments testing extreme calorie-restricting diets, even though the rodents continued to eat and weigh the same. They showed increased insulin sensitivity, lower blood-sugar levels, and more powerful mitochondria, the "power packs of the cell" that diminish with age.

"That's where it gets interesting," Sinclair said.

If you give resveratrol to a normal mouse, it can run twice as far because it has many more mitochondria, he said. Seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has extra mitochondria that power his endurance abilities, Sinclair said.

Yipeee.....so why simply reduce calorie load when we can still overeat on processed foods, overtrain our bodies and get younger! Wooohoooo.....can't wait to hear the side effects of this one....such as exploding liver or brain shutdown....either way....

The sirtuin gene was first reported by Leonard Guarente, a biology professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology whose lab also discovered the aging benefits of restricted diets in mice. Sinclair, his post-doctoral student at the time, moved to Harvard in 1999 to develop drugs that could act in the same way. He discovered resveratrol in 2003.
So you found a natural way and decided to go and make a pill that would make you millions instead....funny part no reader will probably even grasp the fact that the simple answer is right there.....but they would rather shell out money for a pill with no effort involved on their part....nice.