View Full Version : Do "Fast-5" type WOEs take the "I" out of IF?

Edward Friedman
12-19-2007, 09:37 AM
I was reading a portion of Art DeVaney's Ev.Fit. Essay this a.m. In one section, he talks about how people who eat once per day degrade (my word, not his,) their lean body mass and then flood themselves with fat storing insulin when they have their too large meal. Later, he says that people should occasionally compress their eating to a 6-8 hour window. Seems to me, ( consistent with what I understand as his application of "power law", ) that what he is promoting is randomness or "intermittency" reflecting the dynamic nature of physiology as opposed to routine, linear, regular type applications.

Accordingly, would the daily Fast-5 I follow be less than optimum as per such a view?

Would flipping a coin as to whether or not to fast on a given day be more in line with the (hoped for) benefits of IF ?

Comments appreciated.


Mike ODonnell
12-19-2007, 11:28 AM
Would flipping a coin as to whether or not to fast on a given day be more in line with the (hoped for) benefits of IF ?

I believe that is why it is called INTERMITTENT fasting and not scheduled fasting...mix it up...the body reacts better to randomized stimulus for anything (exercise, macronutrients, daily caloric intake) than a set schedule. Eating Paleo with no sugars and fasting 1-2x a week will probably give you 95% of the "supposed" benefits of fasting....there are no studies to prove this but in my book insulin resistance is probably the #1 issue to fix and paleo eating with a few fasts will go a long way.

The only thing Intermittent about the Fast 5 is the daily levels of crap and junk food those people who follow it eat. (as it really doesn't focus on quality of food)

William Hunter
12-19-2007, 11:40 AM
It is strange how we call it IF, but there's often nothing intermittent about it; we start eating as soon as the clock strikes noon, 3pm, 5pm whatever. I IF'd daily for several months in a row in the Spring and early Summer, but now I'm just trying to throw it in there a few times per week. Like others around here, I seem to do better sometimes when I take a day like Saturday and eat a ton of food over a 12-14 hr period (not unlike your starchy carb binge), then spend the next two days eating very meager amounts. A little shock to the system. I'm also doing one long endurance effort per week, and have not been fond of IF'ing on those days.