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Yael Grauer
12-22-2007, 05:01 PM
from arcanum.ca

Quotes from Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Heilkunst.

Search for some plain man of sound common sense, who takes great pains to ascertain the truth of all he hears and says, and does not merely look to its passing muster, who knows how to give clear and condensed information respecting everything that belongs to his art, and never obtrudes his opinion unasked or at an improper time, and who is no stranger to everything else important for man as a citizen of the world to know. More especially let the man you choose be one who does not shew temper nor get angry, except when he beholds injustice, who never turns away unmoved from any except flatterers, who has but few friends but these men of sterling principle, who listens attentively to the complaints of those who seek his aid, and does not pronounce an opinion without mature reflection, who prescribes but few, generally single, medicines in their natural state, Mortar and Pestlewho keeps out of the way until he is sought for, who is not silent respecting the merits of his colleagues, but does not praise himself; a friend to order, quiet and beneficence.1

1The Lesser Writings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, R. E. Dudgeon, Reprint Edition 1999, from the notes of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Paris 1841, The Friend of Health, pg. 241.