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Troy Archie
02-04-2008, 09:37 AM
Fasting 19.5h

16h Fast

BW 95.4AM - 96.6PM
Session Length: 65min
-500 Jump Rope - 3:35
-Back Squat: 98x5x3
Heavy as f*&%. Go 98.5kg
-Standing Press: 42.5x5x3
Solid. Try 43kg
-Snatches: 40x3x3
Solid try 42.5x3x5
-3 Rounds:
3 Turkish sit-ups, 20kg
1 Turkish Get-up, 20kg

17.5h Fast

BW: 75.8kg
Fast: 16h Pre-WO
Session Length: 65min
-300 Jump Rope - Not timed
-Front Squats: 85x5x3
Heavy but much better than last time. Go for 86kg
-Bench Press: 64.5x5x3
Solid. Go 65kg
-OH Deadhang Pull-ups: 8/7/6/6/5
-3 Rounds:
10 Lying Hip Swings
10 V-ups
60 Sec Plank

17h Fast

BW: 77.6kg
Session Length: 67min
-500 Jump Rope 4:25
-Back Squat: 98.5x5x3
Heavy but solid. Go 99kg
-Standing Press: 43x5x3
Solid. Go 43.5kg
-Cleans: 60x3x5
Pretty good. Go 61kg

Feeling good. Putting together some good sessions that don't take 2hours, burn some angst and make me feel good. Amazing the powers of good old fashioned lifting. Also managed a couple climbing sessions in. Thought I would have been much more rusty and sore after months away. Good fun.

Troy Archie
02-04-2008, 09:37 AM
Crap, delete this thread.