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Anton Emery
02-08-2008, 01:12 PM
It looks like i will have opportunity to teach a conditioning class at my juijitsu school. I train at Straight Blast Gym in Portland, OR. They know i am working on my certification, train Crossfit, and am working towards being a trainer. They said as long as i do one class a week i can use the gym to train privates and keep 100%. At this point i am not sure if i would take privates, i dont have my cert yet and don't have any insurance. The gym says i am covered under their insurance for the group class, so even though the thought of teaching it is a bit nerve wracking, i think i will go ahead and do it. After i get my cert and insurance i will start thinking about privates.

We are kind of limited in what we can do due to lack of equipment and space. There is a small area in the back with a bar where we can deadlift, do dumbell lifts, etc, but most of the places is matted for grappling. I am thinking they dont want any weights on the mat, so most of the routines i am coming up with involve BW exercises, heavybag/sandbag movements, maybe pull ups/dips on the rings. We dont have a pull up bar, but i can hang my rings from the ceiling.

I am a bit nervous about the whole teaching thing. I taught a six week juijitsu course at Crossfit Portland, which was alot of fun. I feel very comfortable explaining juijitsu, and once i got over the awkwardness of having to be the one speaking all the time it was a blast. In terms of strength and conditioning i have been training myself for a number of years, and started training at CF Portland in Dec. I just more nervous about teaching it, but i guess one has to start somewhere. At least at Straight Blast it would be in a familiar environment with people i know.


Derek Simonds
02-08-2008, 04:19 PM
Bro that is awesome. I can't think of a better place to start then SBG. Especially when you have success!

Mike ODonnell
02-08-2008, 04:36 PM
As they said on the Brady Bunch.....Just picture them all in their underwear...and you won't be nervous....hopefully you will be teaching an all women class.

Robert McBee
02-09-2008, 08:13 AM
Congrats on the training gig Anton! I started in a similar situation. I had been working at a gym for awhile and they knew I wanted to start training people. I got certified and they said "Great, teach this class once a week". No guidelines, no information, just here's a list of people whose money we already took and you're supposed to get them 'in shape'. The obvious upside is no oversight but now I had to actually do it. Very nervous like you described, a few sleepless nights. Here's roughly how I approached it with my admitted lack of experience:

1) Warmup. Joint mobility drills, agility ladder if you have one, read Robb Wolf's 'Kyphosis' article in the PM. Great warmup routine there.

2)Evaluate first. Instruct form/technique on the basics like: Pushup/Pullups - can they do any? How many? If not, plank holds, pushups on wall or box working towards horizontal, ring hang-for-time, inverted bodyrows on rings. Situp test, do they/you have an abmat? Very portable and can do 'supermans' or back extensions with it too. Air-Squats - Instruct form, go over CF squat article(s) videos, Rippetoe's squat teaching progression - all great info for coaching. If time allows, formulate and run them through a circuit using these basic exercises.

3) You said they do have dumbells. Go to Coach Rut's blog www.coachrut.blogspot.com. He posts daily workouts, lots of dumbell workout ideas. Don't forget BrandX Martial Arts site for scaled down WODs depending on the level of your athletes there. Speaking of levels, use Dave Werner's Skill Level Assessments. He generously posts them on his site at www.crossfitseattle.com. They are great for giving your athletes a perspective on where their fitness stands.

Sorry for going on and on. There is a ton more I know I forgot or should be doing myself. Have fun with it. If you really want to coach then you will have a blast overall just figuring it out and it gets more comfortable every time you do it.

All the best,

Rob McBee
Crossfit Camas

Anton Emery
02-10-2008, 10:37 PM
Thanks for the advice guys. I'll keep it all in mind when i am coming up with program ideas. Warm ups and cool downs are the main areas where i do not have as much stuff. I am figuring stuff like Samson Stretches, bear and crab walks, shoulder work with the PVC pipe, among other things.

Talked to the managers at Straight Blast some more today, and it looks like they want to hang a climbing rope and get some rings. I was pretty stoked to hear that, perhaps i can talk them into a pull up bar as well. With all that plus the weights they have, and some sandbags we would be pretty well equipped for basic workouts.


Garrett Smith
02-11-2008, 05:33 AM
The foot drills (google "foot drills" if you haven't seen me post the link before) are a great ankle/foot mobility addition to a group warmup.

Also, the DROM drills here on the PMenu would be another good warmup addition.