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Ted Nelson
02-14-2008, 05:02 AM
Hi all!

I'm new here and have a couple questions (which my have been covered already, but I missed them.)

1) Because of work, sleep and two little children, I currently am able to exercise between 8-10pm. I have been essentially extending my eating window in order to get in some food after I exercise. Is this necessary? I could extend my fasting time by about 2-4 hours if I didn't worry about it, but the idea that I need to eat immediately following exercise is pretty ingrained. My workouts wouldn't really be in a fasted state, since I would have finished eating 2-3 hours earlier.

2) I'm going to be travelling for work soon, and the best opportunity for a big meal is breakfast. Is there any disadvantage other than hunger throughout the day to making breakfast the big meal of the day? Perhaps undereating throughout the rest of the day rather than actually fasting would make the hunger issues less annoying...

Thank you for your time and thought, and I hope I'm not being repetetive,


Mike ODonnell
02-14-2008, 06:40 AM
What are your goals? Weight loss? Muscle gain? Strength? Just IF for health?

Please be as specific as possible.

Ted Nelson
02-14-2008, 02:10 PM
Primarily strength & health; maybe losing a bit of fat while preserving what little muscle I have.

My workouts are generally 2 weights WOs, high set, low rep stuff; and two conditioning, one longer aerobic stuff (running or concept II), one more calisthenic oriented, sprint based (burpees, DB swings, lighter sandbag stuff)...

How does the timing of exercise with relation to eating affect results?

Thanks again!


Mike ODonnell
02-17-2008, 01:08 PM
Ideally here are some basic things to consider when choosing eating and exercise:
- Exercise in a fasted state has shown increased GH response (assuming it is higher intensity training, not lower steady state aerobics)
- People are able to fast and do heavy lifting style workouts (Oly, PL, Strength)
- Other "glycolitic" style of training may have better performance with small pre workout meal (30min-1hr). You can train fasted, but would advise on pwo meal with healthy carb/protein. (not sugar drinks)
- Eating too much at night may inhibit GH response (as insulin goes up, GH goes down)
- Eating a "big" breakfast may make you feel "sluggish" during the day. Most people who are fasting in the AM are finding less hunger cravings and more mental clarity.
- Of course once you start eating during the day, you will most likely have increased hunger cravings if you are going longer than 3-4 hours between meals.
- On the road, try to snack on easy things to carry around like nuts and avoid high carb/sugar as it will just make your blood sugar crash later on (when in doubt, fat and protein)
- The whole pwo meal is just "recommended" for increased muscle building and recovery. How much you "really" need to eat depends on your workout. If you are doing heavy weights then a small pre workout amino acid supplementation and small protein/fat/veggie meal pwo will help. Of course the more muscle you can stimulate and build, the stronger you will get. So at least get some amino acids pwo to stop muscle breakdown and start muscle repair.
- Fasting can be whenever you have time for it. Even if it is just 1-2x a week when you are not travelling. You still get benefits.

To sum up....if you are focused on max GH response and muscle building
- train fasted (that can be 2-3 hrs after last meal)
- train for short high intensity
- dont eat 30-60min pwo, let your GH spike
- eat healthy protein/carb based meals pwo
- dont eat big meal within 2-3 hrs of bed
- fast whenever you can for increased health parameters (even if just 1-2x a week)

In the end you have to learn how to adjust things as you go for your schedule, goals and performance needs.

Ted Nelson
02-18-2008, 06:53 AM
For your thoughtful and in depth response!


Mike ODonnell
02-18-2008, 07:44 AM
For your thoughtful and in depth response!


No problem. Good luck with it all and report back what you find works for you as I am sure there are others who may have the same type of schedule.