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Garrett Smith
02-19-2008, 10:38 AM
This is some great stuff to know and be aware of (or terrible, depending on how you look at it):


Highlights from the video linked above, and don't miss the next link I post after the quotation:

Regular exposure to radio frequency radiation may interfere with the electrical fields of our cells. Common health challenges that have been linked to regular exposure to radio frequency radiation include:

Abnormal cell growth and damage to cellular DNA
Difficulty sleeping, depression, anxiety, and irritability
Childhood and adult leukemia
Eye cancer
Immune system suppression
Attention span deficit and memory loss
Children are at much higher risk than adults of experiencing health problems related to regular exposure to radio frequency radiation; thinner and smaller skulls translate to greater absorption of radio frequency.

From the early 1950's to the mid 1970's, the U.S. embassy in Moscow was purposefully bombarded by radio frequency radiation 24 hours a day. The U.S. embassy workers experienced what the perpetrators identified as "Radio Frequency Sickness Syndrome."

After some time of concentrated radio frequency radiation exposure, the American ambassador developed leukemia. The next American ambassador also developed leukemia. Blood tests performed on embassy staff members showed irreversible DNA damage.

Dr. Jerry Phillips, a biochemist researcher, began studying cell phone safety for Motorola more than a decade ago. When he started generating data that indicated that cell phones have negative effects on human health, Motorola took a number of steps to delay publication of Dr. Phillips' work.

According to Dr. Phillips, Motorola's main concerns with his data were how to handle public relations and how to spin the results in a way that was favorable to the industry.

Dr. Phillips also indicates that the only significant money that is available to do research on cell phone safety issues is industry money. This is why he has no faith in studies that are coming out.

You can use a radio and microwave detector to measure the amount of harmful radiation that your living and work spaces are penetrated by. The detector used in the documentary is called the "Microalert Radio/Microwave Alarm."

Silver mesh curtains and copper flat paint can block significant amounts of radio frequency radiation.

Also, if you'd like to see how many cell towers and antennas are within four miles of any address, go to www.antennasearch.com. Holy cow...there are 63 towers and 753 antennas within a four mile radius of my office! :eek:

Feel free to post this as widely as you choose!

Mike ODonnell
02-19-2008, 11:54 AM
Considering all the wireless internet places and how much I use my cell....looks like I am going to have to take more Vit C!

Steven Low
02-22-2008, 12:55 PM

Who would've thought, eh? -_-

Garrett Smith
02-22-2008, 04:40 PM
Thanks so much for posting that.

Everyone wants to see cell damage on a macro level, ie. burns. It is the micro damage, ie. DNA level, that I know is going on that may now be coming to the research surface.

Steve Liberati
02-23-2008, 05:53 AM
Scary. And unfortunately, so hard to escape.

The idea to move to Costa Rica to start a coffee farm sounds better each passing day ha.