View Full Version : Thoracic Mobility

Ben Moskowitz
02-26-2008, 08:18 PM
Inspired by the prescription on StrongLifts.com for shoulder issues on the bench press, (http://stronglifts.com/why-the-bench-press-gives-you-shoulder-pain-how-to-fix-it/) (WFS) I decided to further explore the flexibility/mobility possibilities.

I know Thoracic mobility is key for the overhead position (handstands, OHS, snatches...). Here's how I made some pretty good progress in this area.

1) "Front End Alignment" as described in Performance Menu. Face a horizontal pole/bar in squat rack/wall/floor. Grab it or put your hands on it. Sink your chest down and think about opening up your shoulder girdle.

2) Ghost pulling knife (see above link)

3) Shoulder dislocates/inlocates (eagle grip)

4) Ghost pulling knife modification (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10805vHf29A) (WFS). This is just like Pavel's "ghost pulling knife" except for both arms. You can breath and relax as I demonstrate. You can also PNF the stretch by pressing your hands against the back of your head, and then releasing. This stretches out your T-spine, or internal rotators, or something. Super jiggy.