View Full Version : Normal Anatomical Position (NAP)

Ben Moskowitz
03-13-2008, 06:43 AM
Normal anatomical position (NAP) is unique to every individual, but some common cues go a long way towards achieving it. What is NAP? it's the proper technique to perform a task.

Why has Mark Rippetoe made so much money? He recognized that the best way to lift weights is to strive for NAP, and how to coach it, with 30+ years of experience.

Why has Greg Everett made so much money? Or Mike Burgener? Or Dan John (lol)? They recognize how to coach NAP in the O-lifts.

I would just like to further add to the discussion by saying that daily posture plays a large role in how one can perform in the gym. If you don't achieve NAP just sitting in a chair, how are you supposed to do it with a heavy bar on your shoulders?

Thus, striving for good posture on a daily basis (start small, maybe just for 1 minute a day) leads to enhanced performance in the gym (more flexibility, balance, coordination).

Fostering NAP aids with kinesthetic sense. Strive for NAP daily.

Now, one might ask what good posture really is. It's mimicking an Olympic athlete who just won the gold medal.

Are you: standing, walking, or weight training?

head level - look straight ahead
chest up - think about The Sandlot, or pretend you are Mr./Ms. Olympia on the beach with some chicks/dudes walking by
weight on the heels - wiggle your toes

What about if you start running or play a sport other than OL or PL?

head level
chest up
weight on the toes - this is what Pose running is about.

That's all there is folks. NAP boiled down to three simple cues. Practice NAP a little at a time, and you'll start to feel like an Olympic champion!