View Full Version : HGH now worsens performance

Mike ODonnell
03-17-2008, 04:02 PM
Ok so now HGH actually worsens performance?

Researchers found that those who got the hormone put on about 5 pounds more of muscle, and lost about 2 pounds more of fat, although the fat loss wasn’t statistically different. The researchers said some of the extra body mass could just be fluid buildup.

There was no difference found in strength or exercise stamina between the two groups, but there were only two strength studies and eight that measured exercise. Those who got the hormone had more side effects including swelling and fatigue.

Who did this study? Barry Bonds?

I'm just having a hard time figuring out how additional muscle and the ability to recover quicker....now makes you not stronger and more tired? So all those athletes could of been better without it....Ummmmm....who is selling this crap?

The California researchers had support from Stanford, government agencies and Genentech Inc., which makes growth hormone; none of the groups had a role in the study. Two researchers also have been consultants or received grants from Genentech and other drugmakers.

Oh wait.....nevermind....that's comical that they are actually trying to disprove any enhancing ability in athletes....and can say it with a straight face.