View Full Version : It disturbs me alot..

Joe Hart
03-30-2008, 08:42 PM
I read this link on CNN and it bugs me.


I guess it is more impetus to live a nutritionally clean life so as not to rely on the the drug companies for a better life through chemistry. Nothing like well meaning Doctors doing what they think is right/good and it not meaning much other than padding someone else's pocket.

Hope I read that article right.

Mike ODonnell
03-31-2008, 07:24 AM
Cholesterol drugs are a scam....they do more harm than any good. In fact there is no real proof they do anything to reduce risks of heart disease in the general public since all that "science" from the Framingham heart study was only pertinent to overweight males who already had heart attacks. Good stuff.....and yes it is sad when people think they are doing something good for their own or someone else's health but then we find out the opposite. If you eat the right foods it's amazing how the body takes care of itself.

Kind of like when they lowered the "official" numbers for what is considered high bloodpressure....so they could sell millions...billions...more in BP meds.

Honestly...if we took away all the BP and Cholesterol meds....no more...and told people...you are at risk to DIE...now eat this way and get rid of the crap....would that be the only motivation to get people eating right? Do we actually save more people that way?