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Ari Kestler
04-17-2008, 01:17 PM
The quick answer most of you will give me is probably "well I keep building new ones so..." That's great and all but I'm referring more to strength goals and some of my goals specifically..

2.5xBW DL
1.5xBW PC
.75-1xBW SP
HSPU with a full ROM on bars (not just 1)
Muscle ups, something like 3x5...

The only reason I ask is because sometimes I have difficulty maintaining focus for the long haul...i.e. I like to see quick results, and I know that this sport does not lend itself to that, and that's fine...so I'm putting this thread up as a motivator and to help me keep my eye on the prize...

Gant Grimes
04-17-2008, 01:27 PM
Those are good goals. Where are you now, where do you want to be in 1/3/6 months, and how do you plan to get there?

I usually set long, mid, and short term goals. The ST goals are attainable, and I can usually reach them quickly. From there I make new ST goals and adjust the MT goals, if necessary. My LT goals are mostly aspirational and may take years to achieve (if I ever achieve them).

My LT goals (with current marks) are:

3xBW DL (2.3x)
2.5xBW BS (2x)
1.25 Press (1x)
136 kg (300#) C&J (110)
100 kg SN (80)
Helen- under 8 minutes (8:52)
30 MU < 5 minutes (7:51)
Filthy Fifty < 20 minutes (24:11)
Grace < 3 minutes (3:40)
Free-standing HSPU (not even close)

My non-quantifiable goals are:
Simplify and stay happy.

Mike ODonnell
04-17-2008, 02:35 PM
The only reason I ask is because sometimes I have difficulty maintaining focus for the long haul...i.e. I like to see quick results, and I know that this sport does not lend itself to that, and that's fine.

If that's your weakness....then work on that. Exercise your greatest muscle...your mind. There are no quick results worth keeping....so understand that first of all. Second realize people do this for years and years...but to them they are in it for the long haul or lifestyle of it. Quick fixes never work for anything....because you not going to enjoy the daily challenge.....also guess what...you will get injured at some point....you will get sick....you will plateau....and that will be mentally devastating for any setback that comes along....but if you are in it for the long haul...those things are just part of the journey. You can have short term goals and direction....but if you do not enjoy the journey what good is it all? What's the purpose? That and if you reach your goals....then what?

Hence why you see few people truly excel at anything long term....because most everyone else get burned out when things aren't going their way quick enough or just go full force and mentally don't pace themselves. Ask anyone who excels and they will say they don't do anything special...but just wake up and live the journey consistently year after year. Slow and steady will win the race everytime....with of course the right programming.

Leo Soubbotine
04-17-2008, 02:46 PM
I used to worry a lot more about goals, progress etc.

Now I'm more concentrated on enjoyment I get from training.
I still consider it would be neat to hit some numbers, but the process of getting them is fun. Numbers in brackets are current or the most recent.

Deadlift 500 lbs (462)
Squat 400 (385)
Press 200 (170)
C&J 300 (253)
Snatch 220 (187)
Fran in sub 3 (4:01)
Helen in sub 7:30 (8:48)
Annie in sub 5 (6:32)
30 Muscle ups - to complete
Iron cross (not even close)
Row 500 m in sub 1:20 (1:24.1)

Dave Van Skike
04-17-2008, 03:05 PM
2.5xBW DL

It's been a year and a two months..I'm within 15 pounds either way.


A year and a couple weeks.

1.5xBW PC

I'm a ways out. For me thsi is 300. I'm at 225-240 for a power clean

.75-1xBW SP

.75 came quickly, I'm several months out on the 1.

I completely grok the short attention span thing, when I start to grind away I do something radical...quit.

the whole simmons idea of rotating max effort work to go after weaknesses and the Pavel idea of "same but different" are at work here.

When you are just grindign at SP, use it as a warm up to push press or push jerks or incline bench or bench or whatever realted lift that can help drive the goal lift.

Same with squats, switch to box squats, olympic squats, front squats. change reps schemes, set PR's for doubles, triples fives and eights.

Do RDL's rack deads, halting deads progressive pulls, hi pulls, dumbell rows, barbell rows wieighted chins.......

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, except for in real life, where there is a bunch of shit in the way.

Find a way around it and keep it fresh by constantly improving your weaknesses and setting PR's .

Steven Low
04-17-2008, 06:47 PM
Depends how heavy/tall you are.. not just what numbers you want. A 2.5 bw DL for me 5'8" 135 is gonna be harder than probably someone at 160 lbs although possibly harder for someone at 250 lbs. It really depends.

Muscle ups and HSPUs will come very quickly if you work rings a lot.. although you'll have to put in the time to get them. As for the weights.. you can always do strength cycles like SS if your strength is poor or some sort of linearized intermediate. That should get you to most of the goals you have listed.

Like people have said.. divide them into short term and long term. You can't do everything at once although you can generally focus well on 4-5 different ones at the same time (well, 2 push, 2 pull, 2 legs is generally a good concept).

Dave Van Skike
04-17-2008, 07:57 PM
surprised more people don't share how long it actually took them. might be interesting too see for Ari what the spread is. I know it's taken me too long, in large part by not consistently training with people that are better. training alone can be a mind suck. it's contemplative, it's probably *healthy in whatever sense of the word you like but I think it often lowers our expectations.

Leo and Gant, how long have you been working on those goals?

Mike ODonnell
04-17-2008, 10:18 PM
surprised more people don't share how long it actually took them.

Real life timeline....f'd up my shoulder and wrist 3 months ago....now just able to do a pushup with bodyweight and press things over my head. Will be another couple months to get back to where I used to be....

Jane Michel
04-17-2008, 11:15 PM
It has been a bit of a strange journey for me...

I started with CF, and after a year had none of the fantastic results that many people have reported so decided to try building up the strength base with SS. Had no goals - just wanted to increase strength. Went from a 40kg squat to 62.5kg and 60kg DL to 82.5kg while BP, press, chinups/pullups stayed about the same. Gained lots of strength and mass but also bodyfat.

Started cutting and doing Kelly Baggett's Vertical Jump program. Halfway through started having pain in the shin and had to stop. Followed the CA WOD for awhile and gained strength and mass and bodyfat again.

Went overseas for 3.5 months and lived solely on pistols, pushups, chair dips, staircase pullups, dumbbells in backpack squat cleans, stair running, and treadmill running.

Lost muscle/bodyfat/strength but finally decided after trying out so many things that I and my body prefer being slim, agile and fast than big and strong.

I started out with goals but ended up finding out what I like most and what my body works well with. And I'm like Leo now... I'm just enjoying my training and messing around with rings and gymnastics. Now once in a while I like to have a do-whatever-I-feel-like-doing day like throwing medicine balls around, swinging on the pullup bar, box jumps, random things. I have goals but they're not imperative... it'd just be neat to reach them. It's also partly because there are further upcoming disruptions to my training schedule - in 3 months I'm going overseas again for a month and will be gymless.

Darryl Shaw
04-18-2008, 05:49 AM
The only goal I have is a long healthy life.

Ari Kestler
04-18-2008, 06:15 AM
I kinda have a similar journey, did mostly body building type routines in college, didn't work out for a year after, came ot medical school, starting working out, no real goals, found CF, tried it for 2 weeks, had to scale everything so much and no direction got me thinking...what's the point? Read every nutrition thread ever posted on the board, but skipped all the fitness stuff ("what do these CF people know"), read about SS, started doing it for a bit, got bored, tried CF again, still not strong enough, but stronger... continued back on to SS...still no real goals keep in mind... so now I've decided to write things down and actually develop goals... as above...

I'm 5"8 and about 170...so I think all of these goals are attainable, I think I'll get the ring and HSPU stuff first, and the squat/DL/clean later.... long term I want to be healthy (eating right and being physically active) and happy so whatever gets me there...

I'm basically planning on doing an SS-like program for legs, and ring stuff/isometric holds for upper body... either MWF or alternating upper/lower body days...once I reach these strength goals, I'll shift to include a little metcon in my routine...So right now I'm squatting 3x a week, DL 1x and PC 3x since I'm super weak at it and want to get it going.... I'm doing the SP 2x a week just because while starting out with the HSPU I don't feel like I'm really doing any serious shoulder work... I'll keep you all posted...

Also as of now

BS 205
DL 265
SP 95
PC 95

Can't do a ring dip (which is odd since I can do 3x12 bar dips and 3x5x45; I know rings require more stability but I was expecting to be able to do at least a couple clean ones), Can do numerous ring pull ups....

So I'm hoping in a year or so I'll be where I want to be, but I start rounds in July and I have a bad feeling my training and sleep will suffer...

John Alston
04-18-2008, 06:34 AM
The Quest for the Awesome is never over... I'd like to make a 100kg snatch this fall. That'd be around 2 years for that. 120kg would be about 1.5 x bw, too.

Arden Cogar Jr.
04-18-2008, 10:35 AM
This is interesting. Got me to thinking too.

I powerlifted competitively from the time I was 15 until I was 20. Best lifts were low 6s squat and dead and mid to low three bench. Never could bench well.

As I aged, I continued the power bodybuilding lifestyle and got into some bad stuff that I shouldn't have. Got real big, fat and strong and eventually got a wake up call and scared myself into getting myself fit again. That was when I was introduced to xfit about four years ago. Made it my goal to get my weight under control - at the time I was 280+.

Started doing more met con and eventually and slowly started getting rid of some of the weight. Joints healed up after years of abuse from heavy stuff.

My real goals are to be fit and physical. My numbers goals are to be 240 by the time I'm 40 and 220 by the time I'm 50.

Strength wise, I have some ideas in mind and I've talked about them before. I tweaked one of my quads this morning and it's then I realized that I don't need to even think about going ME at my age.

To that end, I want to technically master the olympic lifts before I ever think about putting any weight that would be considered remotely serious. I once thought about c&jing about 150 to 160 and snatching about 120. But I think it's more realistic and healthy to think about mastering the technique with weights that are about 25 to 35% less than that before I ever consider putting that much weight on the bar and heaving it overhead.

It's taken me three years to get til where I'm constantly in the mid 250s. after an ocassional good feeding weekend, I'll be in the low 260s. After a heavy event training week, I may be in the low 250s. I'd like to be 250 by the end of May. But I'm not going to try too hard. Just nice and slow. I've made some life changes that hopefully will keep my weight on the downward path.

I see everything as long term. I'm in this for the long haul. No short term solutions.

Ya know?

All the best,

Kevin Perry
04-18-2008, 11:59 AM
I had several long term goals for different areas. Strength, Gymnastics, Crossfit, Oly:

I actually have them listed in a log starting at BW, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x BW for Squat, Deadlift, Press, Bench, etc. I have reached 2x BW on some lifts but it was only for a week or so before I lost the strength again.

MY biggest goal has been to reach a weight of 150lbs at a height of 5'4" (bah an inch shorter than I thought I was.. found that out today at the doctors). But im reasserting and sticking with basic Crossfit focusing on some ME days and Ring days and doing the workouts I enjoy especially after finding out that I have a condition which is causing a lot of my medical (as well as mental) problems and I can't tackle my long term fitness goals until I have taken care of my own physical and mental health first. :( it is unfortunate but at least I found the cause of my problems and can begin the healing phase I guess. But you can be certain that my motivation is huge and I will always have goals to attack for CF, Oly, and Gymnastics.

Jane Michel
04-26-2008, 07:25 PM
Ari how is the handstand/HSPU work going?

2 weeks ago I saw someone at the gym doing wall HSPUs and felt inspired, thought that I was being a pansy. The next day I waited till the free weights room was empty, cleared a space, and practised kicking to handstand against the wall, cartwheel style, then holding handstands against the wall. Did that for another two days, then came across Roger Harrell's article here http://www.drillsandskills.com/article/19 and found today that starting from a lunge is easier and more "precise". Will probably try the face facing wall handstand soon.

Ari Kestler
04-27-2008, 09:43 AM
IT's going well...I'm practicing static holds pretty much every other day and sometimes 2 days in a row. Basically static hand stand hold against a wall for 1 min broken down into 2 30s sets....once I can do that I'll start practicing the kicks. I'm also doing static holds for muscle up grip, L-sits, planche and lever progressions... after all this My upper body is totally wrecked which makes doing ring dips/pull ups and assisted HSPU difficult...but I'm still going through with it...working my way up to 3x8...closest with the pull ups (will add weight soon), dips still suck, and I'm doing triplets since my hands/arms still violently shake when doing dips... the HSPU progression push ups aren't that difficult, so I can do quite a few, but I don't really feel like they are doing anything...

I'll check out that article from drillsandskills.... thanks

as an aside...if I wasn't doing SS inspired squat 3x week, clean 2x week, DL 1x a week I feel like my legs would waste away....waht do gymnasts do for their lower body? I'm practicing pistols every other day too, basically just the movement, no real weight bearing, I'm using my hands for support...hopefully add this to the list of things I can do in a few months...

Steven Low
04-27-2008, 04:32 PM
Tumblings and vaulting... plus leg plyo

Don't overreach too much, heh. If your performance starts decrease you may want to take a couple days off at the very least. Too much soreness is bad.

What's your current workout look right now?

Ari Kestler
04-28-2008, 10:04 AM
What's your current workout look right now?

Day A

Isometric planche/lever progression, still at the beginning for both, so frog stance and tuck front lever
handstand holding against a wall
L sit practice - basically just doing a static hanging leg raise

I shoot for a minute on each of these, broken into as many sets as needed, when I achieve one full minute I'll progress with the planche and lever, on the hand stand i'll start practicing away from the wall or negatives, the L sit will eventually be legs out and then when I can do that I'll remove it and start incorporating L pull ups

Squat 3x5
DL 1x5
Hang power Cleans 5x3
HSPU Progression - raised pushups
Ring pull ups 3x8 - can't do 8, so it's really as many sets as needed to get to 24, once I can do 3x8, I'll drop down to 3x5 and add weight and work my way up again
Ring dips 3x8 - same as above but can only do 3max on each set, so generally do 5 sets of 3...this is taking a lot longer to progress than i thought... but at least my shaking has gone down a bit...

Day B is basically the same in terms of holds, the DL is dropped and the clean becomes a full power clean...I'm cleaning 3x a week because my clean is weak and is a relatively new movement to me... once it starts getting intense I'll probably just alternate DL and Clean days...

Days are done a la ss MWF ABABA....

I don't think it's too much each, its just harder to do the pull ups and dips after all of the static holds...but I assume that's a good thing...

I might start working in some CF-like workouts since the school gym is closing and I might join an affiliate to workout there...

Steven Low
04-28-2008, 05:36 PM
Hmmm, the minute thing only works for the first couple progressions for planche and front lever. So keep that in mind. Eventually you will have to use a combination of different exercises as well as eccentrics and concentrics to progress.

Normally I don't like any reps past like 6 or so if your aim is strength, but since you need the time up on rings I think it's better for you at this point. Perhaps you should add some support holds into your training.

I would suggest getting some more skill work in on rings like the support holds in your off days. That will help IMMENSELY. I would prefer 4-5 workouts per week but with the base part of SS (3x5 squats and the clean/DLs) I would not suggest that at this point.

Ari Kestler
04-29-2008, 06:42 AM
Normally I don't like any reps past like 6 or so if your aim is strength, but since you need the time up on rings I think it's better for you at this point. Perhaps you should add some support holds into your training.

I would suggest getting some more skill work in on rings like the support holds in your off days. That will help IMMENSELY. I would prefer 4-5 workouts per week but with the base part of SS (3x5 squats and the clean/DLs) I would not suggest that at this point.

Well for example the pull ups...since I can't do 8, the 3x8 is really a 5x5... I could just keep it as 5x5 and add weight when it feels easy?

What type of support holds would you recommend?

How would you design a 4-5 day schedule with SS only on 3 days?


Steven Low
04-29-2008, 07:05 AM
Again, as I said as long as you're based on an SS lower body don't bother with 4-5 days. That would be a quick route to overreaching as I don't think you have the work capacity to do this.

Support holds.. are support holds on rings. In support position. Work towards rings turned out with straight locked around for about a minute.

And yeah, start adding weight to your pullups when you can.