View Full Version : New Health and Fitness link site

Mike ODonnell
04-21-2008, 09:00 AM
Just wanted to let people know that myself and Scott Kustes have started a new site/blog called Fitness Spotlight at www.fitnessspotlight.net (http://www.fitnessspotlight.net)

Basically it is blog that will highlight and link to all sorts of information dealing with health and fitness from blog archives, new articles, online magazines, and more. Every Mon, Wed and Fri there will be 3-4 new links for people to check out. It's not going to be a link of just what bloggers do recently (as you can get that through RSS already) but it's going through all their archives and bringing back some great posts from the past.

Anyways...just what I needed...another site and more work for me. ;) Enjoy!