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Brandon Enos
04-27-2008, 09:34 AM
In the last two weeks; 4/9/2008-4/27/2008 (today); I have gained about 4 pounds (248 to 252). However, according to Body Tracker 6.3 (the program Im using to keep track of and calculate this stuff), my lean body mass (muscle and bone and etc) has gone from 179.44 to 191.02 pounds and my body fat has gone from 68.56 to 60.98 pounds. Meaning that while I have gained 4 overall pounds, I lost 7.58 pounds of fat and gained 11.58 pounds of muscle. My body fat percentage has gone from 27.65% to 24.20%.

My blood pressure has gone from 133/83 to 132/69 with my pulse dropped from 78 to 71. But those numbers donr mean much since they can be effected by way to many factors.

I also have seen drops all over. Almost two inches of my waist (43 inches to 41.5). Gained half an inch on my thigh and bicep. Gained a whole inch on my forearm while losing a whole in on my chest. Gained 3/4 of an inch at my neck, with my calf remaining the same.

So yeah, Im very happy today...*dances*

Now if only I could stay as disclipined with my diet as I am with my exercise program....Id love to see those numbers...

Mike ODonnell
04-27-2008, 01:44 PM
Nice job! Keep it up! Remember....you get more fat loss results from a good nutrition program (or one done correctly). Consistency breeds results and tommorow is a new day. Make it happen.