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Michael Miller
04-28-2008, 11:34 PM
Does anyone have some good articles on cereal grasses and why we should not be using them?

I was discussing this with a friend who was saying that the final mature grain product was quite different from young grass. She claimed that there was not much evidence of grasses being "bad" and for the most part said that she could tell a huge difference in low energy / well being, as well as differences in blood tests when she didnt comsume them for long periods of time.

To tell you the truth i didn't notice much of a difference for the good or the bad when i drank things that contained grasses. I know that most people on here stay away from them, so figured i would ask others more informed than myself.

Garrett Smith
04-29-2008, 06:40 AM
On the other hand, was your friend able to produce evidence that cereal grasses (not the mature product) was good?

She may be having a placebo effect, or she may be so nutritionally deficient (as in her blood test variations) that the grasses do actually help her. It's likely that real food (like good 'ol liver, the original "blood builder") would do her a lot more good. Curious, is she a vegetarian?

I've had wheatgrass shots before, didn't notice a lick of difference. I really believe that people who react positively to grasses are really nutritionally deficient in something (that I wasn't). It's like B12 injections--some people get them and feel like they took a stimulant, they get so much energy. Those folks are seriously B12 deficient. I eat a good amount of red meat, I don't have digestive issues (ie. low HCl), and I take a multi that has B12 in it. I don't feel a thing from a B12 shot, because I don't have a deficiency.

Hope that helps.

Michael Miller
04-29-2008, 11:36 PM
Dr. G, no she really didn't give any evidence of that at the time. I'm also not sure if she was a vegetarian at the time of those tests, but i do know she had experimented with that in the past.

I really doubt she is deficient in anything, she seems extremely strong and healthy, eats a pretty well rounded diet, along with doing fish oil, probiotics, and whole food multis...but who knows.

So would you say that cereal grasses aren't necessarily bad for us, but they probly don't offer much nutritional value eaither if you are eating a good diet and don't have any deficiencies? I was getting the impression that sense the mature product was a grain that the grass itself had some sort of anti nutrient.

I will find out how she was eating at the time of those tests, it would also be interesting to see present blood tests now that i know she eats grass fed meats as well as organ foods.