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Stanley Daniel
04-30-2008, 11:18 AM
Ok, I noticed I rambled a bit from the bottom - so my main question is right here.... and below the "====="'s is why I was asking, read ahead :) BIG THANKS IN ADVANCE for reading this!!! :)

How is it possible to get ~80-100grams carbs in a 6hr window? What I have in my fridge/freezer : kale/spinach/brussel sprouts/onions/mushrooms/broccoli/cauliflower - have some apples/berries but holding off on it now... / have some sweet potatoes.

I can get about ~36grams from a starchy sweet potoato ~2hrs breaking fast PWO (carb-solid protein) .... I'd like to drop the 1-2 serving blueberries or apples for now as weight loss is my goal... I'd probably need to space out about 2 hrs before eating the next meal in my window to digest the "heavy potato."

So everyone here is pretty much counting their carbs from veggies? :confused: Please suggest any others if possible...
Do you all factor in the dietary fiber?
In the past I've never counted "fibrous aka veggies as carbs vs starchy ones (i.e. rice/potatoes/oats) Even foods with fiber, I use to subtract them to get the net carb amount...

I'm trying to keep in paleo mode now... put in a little carb cycling through the week depending on the workout/rest situation

The only "fibrous carbs" that I have seen with higher carb content is Kale/Brussel Sprouts, regular onions are a little bit on the higher side - but still when you subtract the dietary fiber - it really doesn't add up to much.

I read through that many would just "up their" fat to swap out the carbs they can't compensate for... I think I've reached my desired limit of fats for now as mentioned far below...

Chickpeas and oats were great subs but not totally paleo... but I might have to look back at these two...

So my window is something like this :

last meal about 3 hours before sleep>wake up-still IF'ing > (crossfit WOD)>
after 2hrs > break the fast with whole food and some "bigger-paleo friendly carb" > wait another 2 hours and get my veggies-fat-proteins (6-8hr window) repeat - for weekdays only, eat throughout the day weekend with similar foods, dropping the denser carbs...

The reason I am asking was I want to achieve enough glucose for cellular function (brain most important hehe) and muscle glycogen replenishment... don't want to drive into long-term ketosis basically...


Aha, yes it's me again - Over the past week now, I've been able to absorb some pretty nice information here... reading and searching through the archives... just subscribed to the PMmenu too!

Ok, based from how I have eaten before, and then trying the zone - interpreting some of the replies given by the members here... I decided I'll drop using the zone... but stick to most of the paleo foods that I've been reading - most of which I have been eating in the past...

Anyways, I've read through MOD's blog and the posts here and have been doing the intermittent fasting now for 2 days...

I've been fasting around 16hrs and keeping the window around 8hrs... eventually I'd like to drop to 6 as my body adjusts... so far it's good.

Current Stats: ~165lbs@16%BF - getting my calipers tomorrow...

How I've been doing it now (as I use to in the beginning before "trying" the zone...
I am getting in about 1gram per pound LBM of protein from whole food easily.
I am factoring in about 0.5 gram of "good fats" per pound LBM too - no problems... (this actually is almost like x2-x5 athletes zone from what I was calculating)

My main issue is getting the carbs - now, I am working out just about 2 hours prior to breaking my fast -

here, I will take protein and a starchy carb (I picked sweet potato)

180 grams Sweet Potato with skin/boiled/no salt =
36 grams total carbs
6 grams fiber
12 grams sugar

Now If I am trying to shoot for about ~0.7-.8gram of carb per lb of LBM (a little more than half body weight)

My LBM is around 139 pounds -
I am getting in about ~130grams lean whole food protein (~1xLBM)
I am getting in about ~65-70grams fat (olive oil/walnuts/coconut/avocado) (0.5xLBM)

Now with carbs, I can go 1/2 my body weight and get ~85grams OR by LBM=~0.8x138= ~110grams carbs

I'd like to stick to slightly over 100grams of carbs but from where...

So it looks like I am back to my old method but with slightly adjusted food choices... surprisingly, calculating the zone blocks and how I did from above are pretty darn close - even in calorie amounts of which I really dont count - but stick to the 4/4/9 cals per gram of carb/pro/fat respectively...

John Alston
04-30-2008, 12:03 PM

Stanley Daniel
04-30-2008, 12:21 PM
:rolleyes: I anticipated that much hehe.... Can you imagine what would have happened if I didn't get to vent everything out? ;)

Mike ODonnell
04-30-2008, 12:26 PM
Eat a pizza with beer on the weekend....that should work. :)

Other than that I dont count carbs...so eat as much fruit, veg and other sources...go by what your body and hunger tell you....if you need to have rice or bread one day....I am sure you will survive. Don't get too OCD about it....just stick to the basics and results will follow. If weight loss is your goal...try cycling low carb weekday with carb up weekends.

Garrett Smith
04-30-2008, 03:08 PM
Raw honey.

Darryl Shaw
05-01-2008, 04:12 AM
I'll second raw honey but I think raisins are a better choice of high calorie density carbs for athletes due to their high ORAC score plus they have one the most alkaline PRAL values of all foods tested so a handfull a day can go a long way to meeting your antioxidant needs as well as balancing out all the protein you eat.