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sarena kopciel
05-19-2008, 05:55 AM
I just wanted to put it out there based on threads and conversation over the last while, my daughter had a homebirth of her 1st child (my 1st granddaughter) in my house and bed on Saturday!! The experience was both awesome for her, her husband, the baby and especially for me.

Although I am extremely holistic in my approach, I never considered (perhaps ignorance??) homebirth when I had my 4 children. She was a real trooper, had a short labor (lucky her, espec w 1st) and a relatively fast delivery!! The experience was surreal. It was less "noisy" than a hospital. The baby (Deena) was quieter than what I am accustomed to as well. It just jived!!

After the birth, she just held her until the cord stopped pulsing (I got to cut the cord), the placenta came when it was ready, she nursed and was assisted to shower by her midwive, then it was family bonding time:)

The only difficulty is/was SLEEP!! Acually last night was a bit better for everyone all around. So the bottom line, if you are on the fence about the whole homebirth experience, I would highly recommend it!!

I would also add, Mom (thanks to her midwives) used homeopathics and herbs during labor and now postnatally too. Some were to ease labor, help with after birth discomfort and healing, also for the umbilicus care, for relaxation and much more. The baby had a cranial sacral massage yesterday and my daughter was treated to a moxa healing treatment by me!!

Steve Liberati
05-19-2008, 06:27 AM
Wow what a truly unforgetable experience that must of been Sarena. I could just picture the look at my wife's face as I try to convince her to have a homebirth lol. Maybe I'll show here this post instead:)

Cheers to your 1st grand child!

Eric Kerr
05-19-2008, 10:28 AM
Congrats to you and your daughter!

We've done it both ways. 1st child, started at home but went to the hospital because of a potential complication. 2nd child born at home.

I'm glad there is a hospital with nurses and doctors trained to deal with abnormaliites, but for an uncomplicated birth, having them at home is really preferrable.

Either way it is an awesome experience. Good luck to everyone on getting enough sleep :)

Tirzah Harper
05-19-2008, 10:56 AM
that's awesome.
My husband's five kids were all born at home, and if I were to have any (assuming lack of dire complications) I wouldn't do it any other way either!

Garrett Smith
05-19-2008, 11:06 AM
That's great Sarena!

September is our big time for the homebirth!

Allen Yeh
05-19-2008, 12:00 PM

sarena kopciel
05-19-2008, 12:23 PM
hanks everyone! And yeah, I agree its good to know there are options!
And Steve, its my 2nd grandchild--first granddaughter though:)

Nick Tirkalas
05-19-2008, 02:01 PM
Sarena, That's amazing. It reminds me exactly of the book I just read, The Birth House by Ami Mackay. Everything you described (natural herbs etc) are talked about in the book. Definitely worth a read.

Congrats again.

Jamila Bey
05-19-2008, 05:34 PM
I'll try to hide my profound jealousy.

That's so wonderful and the fact that Grandmother was part of the process too will only strengthen the family bond as well. What a lucky baby and mother to get to have that experience!

Perhaps I'll get to have any idea what you celebrated with the children I wish for after this first baby...

Garrett Smith
05-19-2008, 05:56 PM
"Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" is a great book. It's powerful enough that I can only read a small bit at a time...

sarena kopciel
05-19-2008, 07:20 PM
"Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" is a great book. It's powerful enough that I can only read a small bit at a time...

My daughter's both midwives studied, lived and learned at Ina May's farm!
Less than 24 hours old!

http://render-2.snapfish.com/render2/is=Yup6aQQ%7C%3Dup6RKKt%3Axxr%3D0-qpDPfRt7Pf7mrPfrj7t%3DzrRfDUX%3AeQaQxg%3Dr%3F87KR6 xqpxQQQlxnolx0aaxv8uOc5xQQQGnaGnnloGeqpfVtB%3F*KUp 7BHSHqqy7XH6gX0QPlG%7CRup6lQQ%7C/of=50,590,442

Jamila Bey
05-20-2008, 12:06 AM
I read Ina May's book a number of years ago... I think it's a big part of the reason that I am very much looking forward to my own delivery experience. It's such a shame that of the dozen or so women I know who are also expecting, I'm the only one who isn't convinced that letting a hospital make every decision for her might not be the best option for mother and child.

(Sigh) Next child(ren) I have will DEFINITELY be delivered at a birthing center!

Garrett Smith
05-20-2008, 07:23 AM
$$-wise, here in Tucson a midwife homebirth is 1/2 the cost of the birthing center, just FYI. $2.5k versus $5k.

Jamila Bey
05-21-2008, 01:52 AM
$$-wise, here in Tucson a midwife homebirth is 1/2 the cost of the birthing center, just FYI. $2.5k versus $5k.

Once my book and/or script sells and I can move into a house or an apartment building with thicker walls, I'll be all about the birthing at home thing. Until then though, I've not much interest in the neighbors able to hear me or me being subject to Wheel of Fortune during mine and baby's bonding time... Then again beeping monitors and pages probably aren't much better.

I only made this hospital compromise for the sake of not fighting for 8 or 9 straight months with hubby. 2nd kid and onward- it's all what I want exclusively!

sarena kopciel
05-21-2008, 05:30 AM
I must add the cool thing is that in NY, homebirth by a Licensed Nurse Midwife is covered by health insurance!! And her "transition" phase of labor through the delivery was less than 40minutes. She didnt have any "LOUD" times either....But that was her experience:)

Ari Kestler
11-07-2009, 11:33 AM
Remembered this thread from a while back and came across this...just fyi:



Jamila Bey
11-28-2009, 07:07 AM
I'm glad you posted that, Ari.

Since having the boy a year and a half ago (OMFG!!!) I've been reading and learning as much as I can about science and medicine from a parenting point of view, and this has become a site I visit from time to time.

(I've actually been kicked out of a parents group 'cause I've become pro vaccination after my own research.)

Anyhow, I had a fab experience at the hospital and adored my doctor, so I'm pretty sure next kid will also be at the hospital- only this time I'm gonna eat and drink at will!