View Full Version : Shooting video: what equipment

Joe Hart
05-22-2008, 07:57 PM
What do you use to shoot the video for OLY coaching (to put on the forum)? Do you just use a web cam and hook it to your computer and just record on to the computer or something else?

What is the best way to shoot it? From the side, an angle, from the front. I am sure the side is optimum, but can you get the same info from an angle shot. I could only see the front as being beneficial for width of stance.

I comfortable around computers. I just have done something like this so pointers would be nice.



Yuen Sohn
05-23-2008, 07:06 AM
Hey Joe,
I use a mini DV tape camcorder by Panasonic. Extremely happy with it thus far (I've had it since October and I use it to film practice, meets, etc.).

I have a Mac computer at home and just import the files directly to iMovie (via firewire cable), edit them, and then save them either as a *.dv or *.mov format. From there you can upload to YouTube, or similar. I've found that uploading .dv format gives the best quality but takes a long, long time. *mov format uploads quick and provides good enough quality. I know there are better editing options than iMovie out there -- John Alston and others probably know better than I do. I'm not really sure what the Windows-based options are, if that is the OS you're using. Maybe MovieMaker?

I think 45 degree angle from the front works best (you'll be able to see things like armbend, bar positioning, etc. without the plates getting in the way), but side views can be helpful to examine bar trajectory, jumping forward/backward and stuff like that.

One thing to note is that the more stationary you keep the camera, the better the quality will be on YouTube. So if you can mount the camera on a tripod or table, the final uploaded video will be nice and crisp.