View Full Version : Relationship between HDL, TG's and insulin sensitivity

Neal Winkler
05-24-2008, 09:13 AM
Is it a safe assumption that if you've been eating a high carb diet and have high HDL and low TG that you are insulin sensitive on a high carb diet?

I'm taking high HDL to be 40+ for men and 50+ for women. Low TG's are probably <100 even though current recommendations are for <150.

If a person's HDL is below 60 I wonder if they can use a test like this to determine how many carbs to take out of their diet. For example, if you are male eating a high carb diet and have low HDL an high TG's perhaps a low-carb diet is appropriate for them, whereas if you are somewhere between 40-60 for HDL and 100-150 TG's then somewhere in the moderate carb range is good for you, but if you are above 60 and below 100 then stick with the high carb.

Of course I'm not saying these correlations between HDL and TG's will always be like this, i.e. HDL above 60 will always be with TG's below 100 or vice versa, but it is typically pretty close, no?

Also, I'm wondering how being on a moderate or low-carb diet can effect these number if you would be insulin sensitive on a high-carb diet.