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James Evans
06-06-2008, 04:29 AM
I enjoyed this (old) article at Elitefts (there's a part II as well)



There are a lot of variations for TUT training and I have also spoken to Louie Simmons regarding this method. I asked him about how he trained current Pride fighter, Kevin Randleman. Louie would have him perform a 10 minute round of a 205 lb barbell complex that worked like this:

1. Power clean from ground x 1 rep

2. hang clean x 1 rep

3. hang clean and press or jerk x 1 rep

After the 3 rep complex above, Kevin rested 30 seconds and would keep repeating for 10 minutes. This complex represented an explosive bout that may happen during a fight.

Gave it a try last night as a finisher and enjoyed it immensely. I like density style training but the breather lets you really hit the power with each rep. And inevitably it creeps up on you in the 7th and 8th minute.

Mind you, I opted for only 50kg. I learnt my lesson from an old thread on the Crossfit boards about an MMA coach's benchmark of 10 60kg powercleans and 15 push ups for 5 rounds. Allen will remember that. The goal was sub 5 minutes.

The last time I did that with 60kg it put me in hospital. So thanks for that Allen.

Allen Yeh
06-06-2008, 07:44 PM
I knew that workout sounded familiar. Now you have me wondering how I'd do if I did it again. 2005...sheesh

The complex you posted sounds like fun, something I'd like to try when I get back home. 205 sounds doable.