View Full Version : logsitall, crossfit and challenges

Bill Patton
06-06-2008, 09:24 AM
my name in bill patton - i've been working for a while on a site to log and rank crossfit workouts called logsitall.com - i think some of the names i've seen post on this forum may be familiar with it?

apologies in advance if off topic - but i'm interested in feedback from this group on usability and usefulness - and also wanted to see if there was any interest in the 'push up contest' that has been talked about a bit on board.crossfit.com

the idea behind logsitall was to give people the ability to log workouts of any sort in a structured way - and then allow the creation of flexible 'rankings' based on these activities to be able to benchmark any conceivable activity. we're up to about 27,000 workouts logged - so the data is starting to fill in pretty well.

if anyone is interested in participating in the challenge - or has questions about/comments on this - www.logsitall.com/about_crossfitranking.asp or email me at wkpatton@aol.com

-bill patton