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Frank Needham
06-06-2008, 03:04 PM
My wife, at least for now, has gotten serious about working out. She's worked out with me at 6am the last two days:eek: She has never participated in any type of program before, of any kind, is 29 years old, weighs 100lbs, and eats wierd food. Having good genetics has saved her from any health issues, aside from the fact that she has asthma. In fact, asthma may be the biggest hindrance to her having done anything like this before.

So, as far as being a blank slate in regard to conditioning, this is going to be really interesting to see what happens. We have 8 weeks while she doesn't have to work and can pour herself into it without that concern. I started her off on broomstick squats and deads, ala Starting Strength, yesterday. Even so, she is quite sore. In fact, my thinking is that we will do nothing but strength building type workouts for her program. This will get her stronger while not causing the asthma to kick in. Today she did 5lb overhead db presses, wall push ups, and body rows from the rings. She is quite done from that as well. Tomorrow will be a rest day. The plan is have her work out 4 days per week, strength stuff only. She is keeping a log. I'm really keen to see the linear progression that results and the overall effect on her. We might post her results for fun at summer's end, not sure though.

BTW, my two year old likes to hang with me out back at times and he lugs dbs, plates and rocks around for fun. It seems he really enjoys picking up heavy stuff (for him) and testing himself.

I have benefited a lot from all of you on this site already and hope to hear your observations about our current fun.

Allen Yeh
06-06-2008, 08:06 PM
Nice. I'd be curious to see her progress.

Connor loves to workout with me as well. DB's, KB's, his version of an OHS. Fun stuff.

Steven Low
06-06-2008, 09:55 PM
With increased "metcon" ability or specific running work you can generally work around asthma fairly well. Breathing drills too. I know a couple of people who have had really bad asthma that has cleared up once they focused on breathing work and started running.

Depending on how bad it is of course.

Frank Needham
06-07-2008, 07:06 AM
She's sore today, but still game. I'm hoping that once she sees how it feels to be stronger she gets hooked and makes this a lifelong effort.

Steven, I'm thinking she'll also get a pleasant surprise about how her asthma gets handled in the process of the next eight weeks. Right now it is not that intense so lifting looks like it won't be a problem. We'll see later as her efforts get more involved.

Allen, that's a good feeling, knowing that you've already had a positive impact on your family for life huh? I look forward to seeing where Gage goes with this.