View Full Version : Unusual low-back rehab protocol in WL Encyclopedia

Howard Wilcox
06-08-2008, 10:36 AM
I posted this in the crossfit forums also but I want to see what people here have to say also:

Hello folks,

I recently bought the Weightlifting Encyclopedia by Arthur Drechsler (on sale at ironmind).

He says he had a nearly debilitating low-back injury and that he sort of figured out a rehab protocol on his own (he was to the point where he was considering giving up WL, at age 21). He would take a barbell and use that to force a stretch by bending forward in a stiff-legged deadlift format.

He would do a few reps, feel better and go about his business. At first he would be in pain again in an hour or so and he would repeat it. This would go on for a few days until he was seemingly fixed as it were.

When he would re-injure his back, he would repeat it. He said a few others had success with it also.

To those of us familiar with the McKenzie Method this would seem a horrible thing to do. But I guess it means he didn't have the typical disc-type injury.

Any idea what injury he likely had? Has anyone ever heard of this type of protocol and what is going on here?

Thank you,