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Garrett Smith
06-10-2008, 06:46 PM
T-Nation article on neck strengthening (http://www.t-nation.com/portal_includes/articles/2008/08-108-training.html)

Sounds like a generally good idea to me, I've been taught some postural methods in the past (www.idealspine.com) that have heavily utilized weights to shift postural aberrations. Neck muscles are postural muscles as a general rule, so the swiss ball and neck strengthener variants are the ones I'll likely use.

The 5# version of the Title Boxing neck strengthener (on the www.titleboxing.com website) costs $15. Definitely worth it IMO if one doesn't want neck pain (or marks on their forehead from a MacGyver'd version).

I think I'm going to get one and use it during my (scaled-down) planks, planches, and flags. Easy addition, will also possibly increase my ability to create the necessary tension.

My neck is pretty mobile from all the Z-Health. Dr. Cobb has said something to the effect in an article that strength training really cements the mobility gains. This is one thing that I have been missing in the neck region to this point and finding a way of working it into my training without adding more time is key. Until I get that piece of equipment, I'll likely start with the swiss ball variations to build basic strength and put that ball to some use...:)

I also just had a thought, if I do something stupid (ie. poor judgement) at gymnastics class, a stronger neck surely would help if face/head met floor...

Can anyone here personally testify to neck strengthening helping to boost other exercises? I've heard it can help pulling strength...

Greg Everett
06-10-2008, 08:20 PM
I'm a big fan of direct neck work, and do it 3-4 days/week. How much a strong neck helps with the pull is questionable and kind of one of those chicken and egg things... a stronger neck will create a more stable trap insertion and allow heavier pulls, but heavier pulls will create a stronger neck..

Steven Low
06-10-2008, 09:19 PM
I put weights in a bag and hang it off my neck.... for doing weighted pullups & dips. Pretty ghetto, but I don't have a weight belt at the moment so shrug. My neck is stronger though.

I dunno about it actually helping too much like Greg said. One of the tests I've "heard" is that if you test a novice's grip or neck strength it correlates well to how strong they can potentially get. But that's not really related to neck strength actually helping. I SUPPOSE it would because tightening the neck during movements like the extremities does increase total body tension which theoretically should help you lift more. How much more is up for debate.