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joe waguespack
07-08-2008, 01:31 PM
Hello everyone,

I have been reading and reading over the past few days and am VERY glad I found this forum. I just don't know how I missed it for so long. I have searched a bunch of threads and found many answers to a bunch of questions , but there are still a few I may have missed or couldn't find definitive answers to.

First I have been IF for a little over a week now, I have been following the Zone for about a year and loved it . I have been intrigued with IF for a while and decided to experiment with it. I have been basically been doing a Fast -5 (19 hour fast /5 hour feeding window). I just condensed my Zone blocks and meals into that time period. I eat salmon, chicken, raw broccoli, raw spinach, red grapes, apples, oranges,blueberries, almonds, walnuts , and natural peanut/flax butter. I also take a greens supplement, and fish oil. I have not had any trouble fitting in all the food and really like the IF.

I have seen a few threads where people mention that Zone ratios are not the best for IF and how hard it is to maintain the caloric intake with certain food choices, and how calories may need to be actually lowered on IF to avoid fat gain. Maybe I missed it but I never found where this was expanded on. I eat four 4 block meals , with extra fat intake in the form of natural peanut /flax butter in between meals, and have had no problem with my intake. Is there a better way of doing this or is it just trial and error?

I see some mention lowering carbs (from Zone ratios) and raising fat. Also in the question of BCAA's, do these effect the fast if taken while fasting? I eat from 1:30pm -6:30pm. If I were to take BCAA's throughout the day would it effect the fast? I have seen mention of BCAA's , but no mention to if they actually effect the fast.( I saw something about their effect on insulin levels , but no expansion on the topic)

I really don't have to much fat to lose and actually am experimenting at adding strength and mass while IF'ing.

Thanks in advance, and I know all this has probably been answered before, but I missed it if it has. If it is easier to point me to the appropriate thread that I may have missed, that is fine also. I don't mind reading.