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Paul McKirdy
07-25-2008, 12:37 PM
I've searched and read people mention times here and there, but wanted to get a solid report from as many people as possible. Maybe this is a IF training log candidate of some kind.

So far, 17 hours here. On this longest most recent I actually broke with avocado and coconut oil 1 hour before workout. The longest with absolute zero I guess is around 12 hours. I am going to work up to at least 16 hours zero caloric intake pre-training, and am interested in any other results already out there.

I am really liking IF, lots!


Paul McKirdy
07-25-2008, 12:43 PM
Forgot to add that today it looks like I will actually be at 16 hours+ and didn't realize it till I thought about it... Last meal yesterday before 10PM, and won't be at the gym until around 5PM today :). I'll skip the avocado, coconut oil and egg one hour priming.

Going to do heavy Prowler II pushing, sled pulling and heavy one arm deadlift abs. Ton of energy expenditure, we'll see...

Derek Weaver
07-25-2008, 01:01 PM
Nice, let us know how the workout goes.

joe waguespack
07-25-2008, 01:09 PM
I had been doing 19 hour fasts daily , so I would train at the 18 hour mark. I loved everything about IF except the way I felt during training. I also have not been able to recover as well as when I was on the Zone.

For the first time I actually have gotten myself into a state of overtraining. I train 6 days a week and work a pretty active 14 hour day ( I run my own training facility) so I don't think I was getting enough calories in to support recovery.

I plan on still using fasting very intermittently , maybe once or twice a week, but everyday was to much for me. If I just trained casually I think it would be doable, but with my activity levels it just didn't work for me. Maybe after I tweak things a bit I will find theright mix of fasting/not fasting that works for me.

Good luck, just watch your calories and recovery. It will creep up on you.

Paul McKirdy
07-25-2008, 01:27 PM
Up to today, I have normally had two boiled egg pre-noon, few almonds and sometimes a pear or apple from pre-noon to 4ish, then avocado and coconut oil pre training. And have felt very very good during training. This will be the least I've ever brought in pre-training surely. Have only had tea and water since last night. Actually feel pretty damn good, we'll see once the enrgy output increases. I am a SHW at about 18-20% though, so I have plenty of stored energy too and have really concentrated lately on fat-energy adaptation\mobilization, so I might not be a good "control group".

I'll either respond later tonight or be too busy finding the nearest animal to bite into :p

Mike ODonnell
07-25-2008, 08:34 PM
I plan on still using fasting very intermittently , maybe once or twice a week, but everyday was to much for me.

and hence the "I" in "IF" is key. Training fasted for particular workouts is great....but I enjoy my full eating recovery days too...and too much exercise, with too little food = rundown and sick.

There is no one right way....just what you can use to improve your health and performance....even if that is just 1-2x a week. Always a benefit to your health taking a break from digestion...and periods of fasting also provide other stress-response feedback benefits at the cellular level for increased cleansing and repair.

Dan Heaney
07-26-2008, 03:58 AM
I started EOD. M-W-F I eat when I wake till about 8 then T-Th-S-Su I fast 15-16 hrs. I usually train on a 12 fast those days. I eat high cals on M-W-F and low on the fasting days. I have a cheat meal on the weekends too. It's only been a few weeks with this but I have one IF on and off for a while.

Paul McKirdy
07-26-2008, 04:08 AM
19 hours fast and into 40 minutes of very hard sled pulling, two minutes of intense gasping for air between 50 yard pulls, and then heavy weighted ab work. Felt really good. I can't say I felt any differently then my usual workout... However, at an hour I felt froggy enough to keep at it, unfortunately or fortunately maybe I had to stop to make an appointment. I felt no mental instability that I was aware of, and at 20.5 and after this hard work I still had no detrimental nutritional feeling that I was aware of either. And it takes a lot of concentration to force oneself to breath properly at +4 sled trips... 60+ish yards each. 2 ProwlerII trips light, 2 ProwlerII trips heavy, 2 rope pull trips heavy forward facing, 2 rope pull trips heavy rear facing, 2 heavy ankle pull trips forward facing, 2 ankle pull trips heavy rear facing, and then two more ProwlerII pushing trips heavy. I felt like I could have went 4s. Work capacity, mental fortitude, how to strain, it goes on and on, I like me some sled pulling, but that's another thread...

I was really surprised at how energetic I felt, but again I have the stored energy available for use, so I am sure that is a contributing factor.

Broke fast around 21ish with two pears and an avocado and two heaping tablespoons coconut oil just shoveled into stomach. Then 2 hours later some buffalo sirloin and grass finished bovine sirloin, first time from this farm too best sirloin I ever had it was good raw :). 4 slices of bread making two very rare lots o meat sandwiches. one slice of bread with a heaping tablespoon peanut butter bout a 1/5 cup almond, walnut, pecan mix, and a tablespoon coconut oil spread onto other side of bread, this was while I was cooking the steaks on the broiler in the cast iron.

https://secure.lodgemfg.com/storefront/product1_new.asp?menu=logic&idProduct=3940 WFS You'll never eat steak any other way again, except for a very good prime rib...

I tell ya what though... I had no problem whatsoever eating the calories, and I didn't even feel ravenous during the protein time, but the pears did get devoured rather hastily :D, but it was more happiness at success.

I could see where fasted work could support two-a-days easily. Conjugate work early fasted. Break fast slowly up to heavy second workout later in the day.

I can DEFINITELY see how one would NOT want to go too low with body fat storage if one wants to maintain work capacity beyond an hour. I'm talking about working moving heavy stuff, not just bodyweight.

Feel absolutely fantastic this morning, getting ready to go hit it again for more sled pulling and conjugate work. will break fast much earlier today, the I part ;). Heavy squats somewhere between 2-5PM.

Life is a sin wave, back and forth, two different every states, cycle, repeat forever. Just interested in "real world" experiences simply on number of hours of fast into training. Not how many days in a row, I have yet to fast for 2 consecutive days longer then 12 hours. Not anything else, the only question I posit here is peak hours of fast pre-training. For me on this one test so far it seems like I can do some really significant work on 19 hours of fast, when that 19 hour fast follows a couple days of shorter 12 hours fasts, and have no problem whatsoever putting down 2K+ calories inside of a few hour very small eating window.

Train hard! Thought determines reality!