View Full Version : Soviet Training and Recovery Methods book

Joe Hart
07-30-2008, 07:01 PM
So I bought this book and read it in about two days. It had some interesting ideas. It explained how the Soviet sports is more of a system than individual items. I suspect that some of the training stuff is not new (reps, sets, periodization, planning) eventhough I am going to toss out a thread for this too. The recovery part of the of the book is what I found interesting. They talked about how some atheletes will need more rest between sets or days. The pharmacology part was good. I am going to start anther thread about that. They recognised that AS had been used at one time, but the Soviet Union had also done alot of research of with alternative options. There was also some stuff on dry saunas, ultra sound, massage, Electrical stimulation, baro stuff. I like the book but it seemed geared to track and field where as I am interested in OLY and wrestling.

Steven Low
07-30-2008, 08:46 PM
This was a great series by abcbodybuilding if you wanna ready it... well, periodization model more as it relates to weightlifting and such. Also, delves into improvements after the Soviet system like undulating periodization. I'd also check out some of the Westside stuff and Bulgarian cycles to get a good knowledge background into pretty much most of the types of programming out there.

Don't get thrown off that it's from a bodybuilding site :p :