View Full Version : PRs - Multiple movements

Frank Needham
08-07-2008, 05:29 PM
Not quite sure how to approach this and am looking for ideas. I've been on vacation for a week and will start working out again this weekend after a 7 day break. What I want to do is try some PRs on different lifts or bw movements. But obviously one doesn't want try PRs on many movements in a very short time frame, say, one or two days right? So how should I break up the attempts? Maybe one a day I'm thinking but would like some feedback on this.

Justin Fricke
08-07-2008, 06:41 PM
i would thin two a day would be fine maybe even three with plenty of rest....Take an approach towards like it is a meet---get warmed up for say the snatch- then give your self three attempts set and opener and a goal---take fifteen twenty minutes and the get warmup up for the clean and jerk--set an opener and goal give your self 3 attepts...then try a squat using the same format---take a day of and repeat of you feel well if not do a recovery/maintence WO and give it a go a again a day or two later...Personally other than snatch/clean and jerk, back squat and maybe front squat dead and push press....would be enough if that is what you are testing for. For me if i am doing something to the asstance of snacth or c/j i base all movement % from those PRs