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Dave Van Skike
08-22-2008, 09:43 AM
Allen asked me to bump this over into it's own thread. Context wise a couple of us were responding to questions about rows for deadlifts....This is some deadlift programming stuff. Basically a bunch of things that have worked and continue to work for me...I have stolen freely from books, web and most of all, Coaching from a great strength coach who learned his stuff from Doyle Kennedy.

original question: should I replace the DL with something else like rows?

No. But like a politician, I'll answer the question I wished that you had asked....

You'll see this repeated in different areas: deadlifts are weird. I might be able to deadlift every other day for a week you might need 3 days rest between, someone else might need 2 weeks.

seems to depend on a bunch of different stuff, training age, chronological age, loading, other training experience, deadlift technique, deadlift style..whether you do other stupid crap (CF )........

Steve Shafely wrote a great little piece called "deadlift voodoo (http://danjohn.org/ii15.pdf)"...and the title pretty much sums it up...it's all sort of quasi magic.

Here's some suggestions. Keep in mind I'm an underachieving natural deadlifter, monkey long arms but no fast twitch to speak of and a high mileage set of knees and back. By no means the best DL'er here or anywhere but here's what I did/do.....

Start with Rippatoe/Pendlay's suggestion of one set of 5 every week on a light squat day, if you recover from that and the DL is moving steadily up...dont' F with it...if you are recovering but deadlift is flat, pick a day 72 hours after DL and add deadlift assistence..rotate assist between rack pulls (or better yet, pulls from blocks) and extended deads (snatch grip, stand on a box or even straight leg)...if this gets the DL moving, don't F with it.

if this doesn't work, try a big pull day every other week. on this day works 5's for a couple sessions, then 3's for a couple sessions, then a week of doubles and singles. Try to hit three or more work sets if you can hack it and at least one other DL assist (rack, clean hi pulls, snatch grip or DL on a box) rotate the assist. always incluide a row: DB or BB.

on the non DL weeks, make sure you are back squatting, if possible to a box, high box, with high load can be magic here but low box is good for everything else so do those too..and always include a heavy row on the non DL week.

other misc.

I am a HUGE fan of high rep RDL's (yes high) with a shrug on the non DL day, the weight should be low enough to hit sets of 12 to 15....(yup 15)...hope this makes sense. also, Zercher squats....are, in the parlance of our time,...."teh awsome" for deadlifts and life generally...

Allen Yeh
08-22-2008, 03:08 PM

I know you've had other DL snippets in other threads. When I get a chance I'll try to throw them in here.

Frank Needham
08-23-2008, 11:41 AM
There's a bunch o' stuff in Dave's clip that I'm going to use but for now I'm doing ok. Today I did deads up to 1RM 325 lbs with a little gas left in the tank, fasted (I also did weighted pullups and power cleans). Last Tuesday I did 1 rep for 310 so I'm happy if I could continue to improve at this rate. Maybe getting fried the last dead wo was a good thing. I'll have to keep them to once a week for sure though. This wo was just to switch up deads to the weekend.

Paul McKirdy
08-23-2008, 02:21 PM
+1 on box squats. band loaded is absolutely amazing recoil of the hamstrings. speed part of the speed set refers to lowering faster than gravity. for a rapid coil of the hamstring that is amazing.

foot drills for me are the icing on the cake. pyramids are built from the base up.

I do need to rotate in more deadlifting again. coming off a 1 week recoup, maybe two.

Kevin Perry
08-23-2008, 09:17 PM
you know it's a good thing you posted this. I've been trying to re-work Ripptoes SS but even with proper sleep and nutriton I still don't feel like im recovering well with the DL and progressing well with the other lifts whih is why im trying to find some other method. Of course my grip is horrible as well and even with training feels like it does not improve.

My coach heavily recommends RDL's so i'll start doing those more often.