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Derek Simonds
09-04-2008, 08:22 AM
So as the loving, caring, devoted husband that I am I decided that with the kids going back to school I would get more involved around the house when I am in town. Now I haven't verbalized this to my wife I just started doing more stuff, this way if I slack off I won't get called on the carpet for it. :D

I picked the laundry as something that I am good at and can do fairly quickly. A couple of observations.

1) Having children who wear school uniforms isn't a bad thing. It does double the amount of clothes they go through in a week as they always change as soon as they get home.
2) Having to iron said uniforms is tough, those little buggars are difficult to get the creases out of.
3) Having two children who are in gymnastics 2 and 3 times a week, cheerleading and flag football adds dramatically to the amount of clothes washed.
4) Having an adult that lifts 4 days a week, practices MMA, NO-Gi and BJJ 3 days a week and wears suits to work adds even more to the total laundry.
5) Under no circumstances can you leave MMA / No-Gi clothes rolled up in a towel for 3 days in a row it will spontaneously evolve life that is very difficult to kill.
6) Let's not forget that we probably go swimming at least 2 times a week and all the towels and bathing suits that go along with that have to get washed.
7) Washing and drying apparently is not the end of the laundry duties. Once its clean apparently you are supposed to fold it and put it away properly in a specific location. Who Knew! Who Knew...

Just wondered if anyone else out there with an active lifestyle ever looked at how much laundry they were creating.

Craig Brown
09-04-2008, 09:10 AM
Oh hell yes!

I'm just one man, and work in t-shirts and jeans, but with lifting and cycling for fun and transport, shit adds up. Kids are clearly designed to run around in rancid buckskins (well, us too)...there's a good reason for wearing wool and cooking over fires, and that is that laundry was outright TOUGH to do without modern tools in cool to cold climates.

Kris Reeves
09-04-2008, 10:22 AM
For some reason...I seem to be the laundry person around the house. My son is 3 so I can't expect him to pick up the slack but I guess when it starts to pile up, lets just say it bugs me a lot more than my wife....

In any case, I hear ya on the amount of laundry! We must do 6 large loads a week.

Front load washing machine is the answer I've found. We bought a LG TROMM steam front loader about a year ago....and I've washed some really big loads in that thing. It amazes me sometimes the amount of stuff that can fit in there. And it's win-win...it washes larger loads plus uses less water doing it.

As well, the TROMM uses a weight sensor so it automatically adjusts the water load/washing time based on how much laundry is in there.

Jamila Bey
09-06-2008, 10:22 AM
I'm ROTFLMAO over here!

Men... MANLY Men.... laundry!:D

Cloth diapering a newborn anyone? Between their behinds and spit-up and mommy's shirts that get wet any time little one cries...

WOW!!! I'm really starting to envy nudists.

Joe Hart
09-06-2008, 05:32 PM
On the uniforms...take them and get them laundered and pressed with extra heavy starch. You will only need to do this maybe 2-3 times a year. This will keep the unis in shape and easier to iron because the starch keeps them somewhat rigid. Front loaders are the way to go. Darcy (wife) wanted one and I thought she was nuts, but I didn't care that much so we got one. I would never go back.

Garrett Smith
09-08-2008, 10:21 AM
Cloth diapers, cloth wipes, oh lordy the laundry that will be kicking in here.

Personally, I try to minimize my laundry for my lovely wife:

By working out at home, I can often use a workout outfit a couple days in a row--the only person it might bother is me (which it doesn't, except maybe in the dead of summer, and depending on what type of workout I do).

Scrubs every day to work, they don't get dirty with what I do, so I simply hang out in my pants once I get home.

I'm very much of the opinion that most people (especially those who don't exercise) wash their (over, not under) clothes WAY too often.

Now, if only Cori can learn how to minimize dirty dish production in the kitchen (I do all the dishes, at least up until now, who knows where we'll go from here!), we'll be great.

Camille Lore
09-08-2008, 11:48 AM
Yeah, ever since starting to CF! I try to use my shorts for more than one workout. It's usually the shirt that gets sweaty for me. When I don't have to wear a shirt and can get away with a sports bra, I try to. That's one less shirt getting washed.
I've also started just hanging up work shirts and pants for another day if I haven't spilled anything on them.
If I shower in the afternoon and put a fresh tshirt on, I usually sleep in it too.

Derek Simonds
09-08-2008, 04:36 PM
Man where is Yoon? I just realized we need the same pants different day tag line in this thread.

Yuen Sohn
09-08-2008, 09:28 PM
Ah yes, dirty laundry. A topic very near and dear to me!

I live in a rather ancient walk-up building with no washer and dryer, so I have to outsource almost everything. Itís actually pretty nice, since I get my laundry back neatly folded and shrinkwrapped. Only downside is that I'm sure they make fun of me for my vast collection of half-disintegrated socks.

Gym clothes (my sweatpants and 3 quick-drying shirts) I just throw in the sink with some tide and a tiny bit of bleach. The touch of bleach is nice since it helps me evade the stank for several training sessions -- though I'm honestly not sure if the guys I train with would really notice the difference anyway.

As for my work clothes, I just change into/out of them in my office since my commute consists of a two mile walk each way. Things can get really nasty in the summer and winter, so I prefer to commute in my jeans. Plus it seems every time Iím wearing freshly dry-cleaned clothes outside, one or more of the following always happens:
1.) I get crapped on by a pigeon (usually one that appears to have been withholding its bowel movement for several days)
2.) I get splashed by a car
3.) I get stuck in a torrential downpour

Don't even get me started on my ever growing pile of mismatched socks. One day, they will all be reunited with their soulmates.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. I dropped a 200lb snatch on my head earlier this evening and am a bit out of it at the moment.

Jamila Bey
09-08-2008, 10:36 PM
Lansinoh makes a GREAT wipe with their oh-so wonderful lanolin inside them. Pricey though.

If you take good quality regular wipes and wash them then put them in the dryer, you've got fantastic super soft cloths to use your own wipe solution on. Also works for mommies.

Where's the rolling eyes smiley? The stuff I'm now an expert in...

Allen Yeh
09-09-2008, 07:11 AM
I do the laundry for everyone. 1 wife, 1 teenager, 1 9 year old, a 3 year old and myself. It gets old and quickly. If I'm not doing 1 load a day it piles up, seriously. It's bad and I'm not sure what else to do. I go through 2 outfits a day as I have work clothes then I have workout clothes and then I might change into something more casual when I get home.

Joe Hart
09-09-2008, 10:24 AM
Here is how to cut down on laundry...buck naked. The neighbors will stare or laugh and point, but think of the time and money savings. Or do the Sienfeld and shower with clothes on....