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Charles Moreland
09-12-2008, 10:25 PM
I'll start out with a greeting. My name is Charles Moreland and I'm a third year at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

While spending much of my time as an avid traceur, rock climber, boulderer, power lifter, slack liner, gymnast, personal trainer, and martial artist, I'm also a sculpture major with the task ahead of me of putting together a senior thesis.

Being as obsessed as I am with the human body and it's physiology and structure, what I'm looking to do is capture the human body under tension.

Obviously gymnastics is my first thought. I'd love to model these poses myself, but sadly I'm still a beginner of sorts (you can check my log in this forum). So because of my inability and the inability in my immediate area, I pose this to the community.

What I'm looking for -

Someone who can perform the following movements: Iron cross, Iron cross l-sit, planche, maltese. You may only be able to do one of these, that's fine.

Preferably someone who has a decent digital camera and a friend who can take pictures from multiple view points (at least front, back, left and right - on horizontal static holds it'd be helpful to see below and above if at all possible).

Preferably no shirt ( no I'm not a pervert I just NEED to see the muscle definition for the purpose of the project )

Highest quality is preferred simply to make it easier for me to make out definition.

Most figure work is done with the help of a live model, however when the moment you are trying to capture lasts a mere couple of seconds this gets rather difficult, so quality photos are going to be my greatest asset.

I'm not Michelangelo so don't get your hopes too high on me! This is a long term project that may or may not be fully complete in two years. Individual castings will probably be done in 10 week segments.

I want to thank anyone who is willing to help me out. Sadly I have nothing to offer you for your services other than the promise that credit will be given to the chosen model.

All gymnastics castings will be done in white or evedur bronze and will be of various sizes. Time constraints and funding will probably inhibit me from doing any life size pieces unless I cast them in a cheaper media.

If anyone wants to see what it's like to be involved in the creative process and the fabrication process of fine art, nows your chance!

Thanks all