View Full Version : Flag Football

Derek Simonds
09-28-2008, 07:14 AM
Of all the days not to take the video camera. Yesterday was our I9 Flag Football jamboree. We played two games. Delaney is cheerleading and Jr is playing football.

First series Jr starts under center and makes a handoff without fumbling. Yeah. Second play they run a reverse that doesn't go anywhere but they don't fumble. Yeah again. Jr throws an incomplete pass on 3rd down and then on 4th down they go for it and he throws a great throw that is just short of the half field line but they don't get the first down.

Next offensive series Jr lines up as the tailback with the ball on the 20 they handoff to him and he runs an inside draw and just blows the doors off everyone for an 80 yard TD. They go for two and throw to Jr and the pass hits the defender in the hands but he can't catch it and Jr looks it right into his hands for the conversion.

Next game first play from scrimmage same thing Jr at tailback, handoff and another 80 yard TD. After that they moved him to defense and he intercepted two passes the last one he intercepted and was running it back for a TD and dropped the ball on the 5 yard line. Ooof.

Needless to say he was jacked out of his mind, and I was too. :D