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Tony Ferous
10-23-2008, 02:12 AM
Following on from the gaba thread..id never heard of the Braverman Nature Assessment...

I found some info on it, but nothing really explaining what to take to assist with the results of the test...maybe i need to buy the book!

Some info:

i got these results,

Part 1 Results
Dopamine Nature The category with the greatest number of true responses will identify you dominant nature. A classically dominant nature is typically a score of 35 and above in any one category, which suggests a less-than-balanced life.
Note: When any other nature is 10-15 points lower than the dominant one, the nature with the lower score is probably a lifelong relative deficiency and needs balance even in times of good health. For example, if your score is 40 dopamine, 33 acetylcholine, 35 GABA, and 17 serotonin, you likely have long-standing deficiencies in both GABA and serotonin.

Section 1A = 27
Section 2A = 20 Acetylcholine Nature
Section 3A = 24 GABA Nature
Section 4A = 20 Serotonin Nature

Part 2 Results
The highest number is your most deficient nature, the one that is most likely to lead to illness. Your deficient nature can be the same as or different from your dominant nature. In fact, you'll most likely recognize deficits in your dominant nature sooner than you would in other aspects of your bio-chemistry, simply because you are used to behaving and feeling a specific way.

Section 1B = 7 Dopamine Nature
Section 2B = 3 Acetylcholine Nature
Section 3B = 7 GABA Nature
Section 4B = 1 Serotonin Nature

Gittit Shwartz
10-23-2008, 06:17 AM
The book doesn't really explain the mechanisms either. It mostly gives plans and suggestions for healing your deficiencies, most of which I'll wager you're already doing (eating meat is on top of the list for all 4 neurotransmitter deficiencies).

I'm not sorry I bought the book, but I do think that a) it's written for the lowest common denominator and b) it only presents a small part of the picture.

I would have liked to see Dr. Braverman address HOW and WHY people become deficient in neurotransmitters. I suspect nt deficiency is mostly just a symptom of problems that are more hormonal related. I'm sure Dr. Braverman has a good grasp of the bigger picture since he does get fantastic results with his personal clients - his clinic has a team of endocrinologists, psychologists, nutritionists etc. etc. But it's not in the book.


Garrett Smith
10-23-2008, 07:09 AM
I think a huge part of neurotransmitter issues is protein--either poor digestion/absorption or plain not eating enough.

Anyone I see with a mood disorder always has a crappy diet. Go figure.

Supplementing with amino acids and nutrients is a band-aid that can give very quick results, but fixing the "Lights Out" stuff (sleep, sunlight, stress, diet, exercise) is the long-term cure for most cases.

Yael Grauer
10-23-2008, 02:05 PM
Anyone I see with a mood disorder always has a crappy diet. Go figure.

I strongly disagree.

Yael Grauer
10-23-2008, 04:47 PM
Gittit--I heard the Mood Cure by Julia Ross was pretty good.

I guess I just wonder about the root cause though... Like what if I really do have a lot of GABA but my body just isn't utilizing it properly. But as soon as you start asking questions like that things get all confusing and complicated.