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Reed Winn
10-30-2008, 12:25 AM
I'd been intending to do this for awhile, but a particular situation that will not be repeated where I consumed no food whatsoever for 30 hours has prompted the creation of this food log.

What am I doing?
BJJ(apparently needs some more carbs than would be normal for only WL training to supply glycogen to regenerate ATP from ADP as the rounds are a medium length)

The most basic novice program in the Everett book.(Fat and protein for the most part)

Clearly I'm going to need around 150 grams of protein a day(I actually weigh less than 150 but I will aim high and go higher if I gain weight) In the Everett book it is said only animal type protein should be used for the daily protein count.

I'll need lots of saturated fats. To this end I've bought a pound of coconut oil.

I figure as a general rule of thumb I should eat more than seems reasonable - this should put me at a decent kcal level I hope.

I will not be able to measure or even do an ok guess as to the amount and make up of foods I get from the university food court. Their saving grace is, due to the Vegans, they have diverse vegetables. Of course they are not as hot for high quality protein and fat. They do have hummus and whole milk.

Macronutrient profile is for all the servings of the food in question

That being said, this kicks off the food log:


3 cans of tuna = 300kcal 3g fat 0g carb 78g protein

About 3 servings of natural peanut butter = 570kcal 48g fat 21g carb 27g protein
This is difficult to eat straight out of the jar - very sticky

Took one TopCare Century advanced formula multi

Took 8 fish oil caps = 100kcal 10g fat probably something like 1200mg of EPA/DHA(not exactly labeled on bottle :mad: )

Reed Winn
10-30-2008, 07:35 PM

40oz of whole milk
Meager corned beef + bread
Mashed potatoes


50oz of whole milk
3 large thick slices of roast beef with fat
black beans

Clearly I have the milk thing down pat.


Around a spoonful of coconut oil
a multi
8 fish caps

Reed Winn
10-31-2008, 08:26 PM

A decent amount of hummus mixed with black beans
3 slices of pizza
30oz of whole milk

I managed to miss dinner, I always forget the food court closes early on friday :(

Ate a hershy bar and a 20oz pepsi

Trying to make up for missed dinner
2 apples
Crazy Richard's peanut butter

Reed Winn
12-01-2008, 07:55 PM
Obviously I've slacked off the diet log, I've lost weight(142lbs with clothes today) and my diet has suffered!

I'm going to change all that though. Grow better levers, get better numbers etc

I drank a total of 130oz of whole milk today(broken down into 3 meals) - this is about a gallon. It's been awhile but I seemed to tolerate the gallon easily and I want to make this a regular thing.

I had 2 big plates of garbanzo beans and black beans and I had some hummus and pizza.

Ate a decent amount of almonds and 2 small apples late at night

Reed Winn
12-02-2008, 09:21 PM
Drank another gallon of whole milk today - my stomach seems to be doing fine with 3 large drinking sessions instead of glasses throughout the day like I did before.

I ate some tomatoes, a bit of hummus, a few slices of pizza, a few apples and snacked on some almonds. I also had 4 cups of weak coffee in the morning and a double expresso at night. I've been drinking a lot more caffeine lately, probably cause it's nice to drink something hot in the cold.

Obviously the milk is good, but it's only about 2000kcal and I don't want a mono-diet so I need to make more of an effort to work in lots of other food.

Reed Winn
12-03-2008, 08:55 PM
Drank slightly less than a gallon of milk today. Ate a lot of chicken thai type food and corned beef and rice.

Reed Winn
12-05-2008, 08:35 PM
Drank 1 glass less than a gallon and ate a somewhat reasonable amount of food including a bag of beef jerky

Today: Drank 8 glasses of milk(need 13 for a gallon) and ate some food including 2 bags of beef jerky

Reed Winn
12-09-2008, 09:52 PM
Had 40oz of milk and a big plate of pasta and hummus

I now have pb&j fixings but instead of milk, only cranberry juice.

Ate 1 pb&j and some beef jerky

Reed Winn
12-10-2008, 09:17 PM
Ate pb&j and juice right before training. After training ate a large plate of pasta, black beans and hummus and 60oz of milk.

Reed Winn
12-17-2008, 01:49 PM
Mini mass gain program(see training log for details) starts today.

I've got ZMA and a lactase product. Obviously I'll take the ZMA before bed and I've taken the lactase just now.

Today I had a breakfast of toast, 3 cups of coffee, steak, 2 eggs and a bit of fruit. I then had a duck sammich(small portion) and hot chocolate.

I'm getting started on the GOMAD pretty late but that's only for today because I've been out all day. I hope the lactase will reduce/stop the gas and other problems that come from GOMAD.

Ate dinner, plate of rice and a small bit of tuna and cooked carrots.

Parents are saying I can't have the GOM today, very annoying. Every time I try to actually eat I get a ton of resistance about how I shouldn't be drinking the GOMAD, lots of SB. I'm really really tired so in about an hour I'm going to take the ZMA and sleep.

Garrett Smith
12-17-2008, 04:30 PM
I don't mean to butt into your journal. If you can find an enzyme supplement that contains both lactase and DPP-IV (helps to digest casein), it might fix your issues.

The one I previously used that dealt with both issues was Body Ecology Assist for Dairy and Protein (http://www.bodyecology.com/assist-dairy-protein-90cap).

Reed Winn
12-18-2008, 07:09 AM
The ZMA seemed to help somewhat, not as much as I expected. My dreams were more vivid but not as much as I expected. I went to be around 9:30 and got up around 7AM. Hopefully it will improve in the next few days.

8 large fried eggs - 592kcal 40g F, 48g P
many cups of black coffee

bowl of oatmeal with 2% milk - 540kcal 16g F, 78g C, 26g P

Feel free to butt in, I post this stuff online so I can get feedback. My milk problems are pretty minor so I hope this product will take care of them, but if not I will try your suggestion. Thanks.

Made a smoothie that is mostly yogurt(low fat :( ) and bananas and sorgum(some type of sugary black stuff)

6PM - sort of been sleeping/reading - just had 16oz of whole milk
parents got 2 gallons of whole milk today so I want to finish the first by the time I sleep
Ate a hamburger, had another 16oz of milk

9PM - feeling massively tired so I'm just going to take my ZMA and sleep - food intake was not what I want it to be but I'm going to have to work up to it in the next few days I guess

Reed Winn
12-19-2008, 04:45 AM
ZMA seems to have influenced my dreams yet again. Not that vivid but I am remembering more than is normal(nothing). I woke up and had a hard time getting to sleep. On the other hand I don't feel tired - sort of inconclusive.

7AM -
4 eggs 296kcal 20g F 24g P
Made a smoothie with whole milk and yogurt and protein powder and about a cup of raw oatmeal

9AM - had 16oz whole milk 300kcal 24g C, 16g F, 16g P

1PM -
made a nice thing using a lb of 80% beef and spinach and onions
1160kcal 92g F, 80g P :D
another 16oz milk 300kcal 24g C, 16g F, 16g P

more black coffee

Had another glass of milk - didn't take the ZMA
was horribly sore/tired so I just went to sleep around 9PM

Reed Winn
12-20-2008, 05:44 AM
Well I got better sleep cause I didn't take the ZMA and woke up around 7AM.

Had 7 slices of bacon, coffee, 3 slices of toast.

Took the lactaid product.

My dad and I went into the city so I didn't really eat as much as I should - did have a good turkey/cheese sammich and a 12 oz sunkist

Started working on a GOM and finished it at the end of the day 2400kcal 128g F, 192g C, 128g P

I took a nap from 7PM-11PM

Around 2AM ate 8 eggs 592kcal 40g F, 48g P

Reed Winn
12-21-2008, 09:19 AM
Went to bed last night around 5AM(keep in mind I had a nap) and go up around 10
Took lactaid product - this product plus eating oatmeal seems to have solved all GOM problems

Ate 8 eggs 592kcal 40g F, 48g P
3 slices of toast

I had about a GOM today but I can't really remember what else.

Reed Winn
12-22-2008, 12:35 PM
2 eggs
3 slices of toast

Working on a GOM today - about half done at 3PM

Had a cup of oatmeal made with 2 cups whole milk

Reed Winn
12-24-2008, 01:27 PM
Food was sort of low this morning but I did make a shake with a lot of yogurt and milk and bananas + a bagel with goat cheese

Weighted in at 149# on the local gym scale - idk how far to trust that scale but it looks like a good number :)

Food intake has not been that great this morning(it's now 4PM) so I figure I better stay up later than normal to make up for it.

Drank 32oz Wmilk

Reed Winn
02-28-2009, 11:58 AM
I've taken ill twice in a short period of time and have been loosing weight. I need to get my diet on track.

I've been reading this:

So basically I just have 3 goals now wrt diet:

get 2600-2700kcals a day
eat 4-6 meals a day with 3-5hours between meals
5 clear urinations a day to ensure hydration

Once I get these points dialed down I'll see about added complexity.

cube of cheese 110kcal
handful of almonds 170kcal
2 glasses Wmilk 300kcal

3 large apples 300kcal
2 cubes of cheese 220kcal
glass of OJ 110kcal
2 cookies 130kcal

4 radishes
large apple 100kcal
1 cube of cheese 110kcal

I'm getting pretty tired, coughing a lot - I'll drink more OJ and sleep for awhile

Reed Winn
03-01-2009, 11:53 AM
large apple 100kcal
Glass of OJ 110kcal

PB&J ~400kcal
apple 100kcal
glass Wmilk 150kcal

Reed Winn
03-02-2009, 02:17 PM
glass Wmilk 150kcal
4 cookies 260kcal

canned black bean soup 320kcal
2x cheese toast 440kcal

sort of late
canned black bean soup 320kcal
4x cheese toast 880kcal

Reed Winn
03-04-2009, 12:10 AM
Was away from the machine most of today, ate pretty poorly.

Had stuff such as cookies, a little pizza, a glass of milk.

2x WWbread 220kcal
1 square of cheese 110kcal
handful almonds 270kcal
8 fishoil

slacking already but 1) even if I did badly I'll still post and try to write down what I remember eating 2) try to do better

Reed Winn
03-04-2009, 02:51 PM
woke up very late
PB+J 400kcal
2 glasses of milk 300kcal

3 glasses of milk
large amount of various vegtables including beets

2 squares of cheese
handful of almonds

8 fishoil

Reed Winn
03-05-2009, 10:58 PM
Had a long day of classes didn't eat that well

in chrono order

2x WWbread
~2 units of cheese

small amount of lamb
large amount of lemonaid

2x WWbread 220kcal
~2units of cheese
4 bananas
handful of almonds

Reed Winn
03-06-2009, 12:18 PM
2 glasses of Wmilk 300kcal
4 cookies 260kcal
handful almonds 170kcal
20oz water