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Tony Ferous
01-05-2007, 01:00 AM
Ok so im in good health, exercise rigorously and eat paleo style, all great and i love it but my eyesight sucks! Muscles are great but if you cant hit see the ball to hit it..!

Im about -6.0 diopeters in both eyes(myopia/shortsighted) so wear contact lenses about 14 hours a day, i think that wearing lenses or glasses is a slippery slope - your sight just gets progressivley worse.

So what to do?

Nutrition - i eat lots of greens, blueberries, vitamin A

Lasix - any experiences here anyone? Tiger woods and other sport stars have their vision enhanced this way. I think De Vany also had it done. Mercola warns about side effects and long term issues tho.

Eye exercises - Mercola also sells a dvd set bases on the bates method on the other hand! I bought a bates book years ago but compliance with the routine was an issue!

Thanks all!

Steve Shafley
01-05-2007, 05:44 AM
Look up "Yoga for the Eyes", that's one thing I've seen bandied about as effective, given your compliance.

I really have to take Mercola with a grain of salt. A lot of athletes who require exceptional vision to compete are doing corrective eye surgery to a correction that's better than normal vision.

Baseball players and golfers are doing this and some competitive shooters and maybe tennis players following them.

Find a good doctor for Lasix.

Mike ODonnell
01-05-2007, 12:10 PM
I've got the Bates book. Who knows if those eye exercises really work....possible, but never had the 30min a day to sit down and do it consistently to find out. Some people say it works. Again like you said, the compliance to sitting still every day to do it, well it's just not a priority of mine as I have contacts (blind as a bat without sonar) and they get me by for my lifestyle. Maybe one day try the lasik thing. I am sure as technology advances it will get pretty effective for all levels of eye sight.