View Full Version : Gumbo!!!

Brandon Enos
12-14-2008, 07:53 PM
I love gumbo. But with the roux (basically oil and flour) and the rice, not very paleo. Any other gumbo fans make paleo adaptations? My first thought was not serving it over rice? What would be a good paleo sub? Quinoa? Or just eat it like soup?

Then theres the problem with the roux...my first thought was almond flour, but I just dont see it blending well with the oil...yet, if you leave it out, and there's no rice, its not gumbo...just...soup....

Gittit Shwartz
12-14-2008, 10:42 PM
Finely chopped cauliflower for the rice.

Scott Kustes
12-15-2008, 07:08 AM
Arrowroot powder in place of flour? I think Scotty Hagnas does some stuff with arrowroot.